Incredibles 2 Projected For One of Pixar’s Biggest Openings

Disney's Incredibles 2 is projected to be one of Pixar's biggest opening weekends. Under the leadership of Disney, there's been a greater sense for Pixar to develop sequels. They're responsible for Toy Story 3, both Cars sequels, and most recently Finding Dory. After all these years though, the sequel to The Incredibles is right around the corner. The 2004 animated superhero hit is a favorite among Pixar's library, and fans of the first film have long been waiting for another installment.

The sequel finally arrives this summer as part of Disney's packed lineup. It picks up right after the events of the first film, and will this time put Elastigirl front and center. With Mr. Incredible at home, Elastigirl becomes the face of a movement to let supers be a regular part of the world once again. Not only is that fictional world ready for more heroes, but it appears so is the real one.

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Box Office Pro revealed the early box office projections for Incredibles 2 that would make it one of Pixar's best openings. The current estimates have Incredibles 2 opening to $110 million domestically. This would put it well above the original's $70M opening weekend haul. The outlet also predicts a domestic gross totaling $395M. Along with these box office projections, EW released a new photo that shows the beginning of superheroes being reintegrated into the world thanks to super-rich siblings Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) and Evelyn Deavor (Catherine Keener).

If Incredibles 2 does match this $110M opening projection, it will put it in a very tight race with Toy Story 3 for the second best Pixar opening. It only needs $110.4M to defeat the latest adventure from Woody and Buzz. These are strong numbers, but still well below what Finding Dory did two years ago when it had Pixar's biggest opening ever with $135M. Since the marketing blitz hasn't fully began for Incredibles 2, there is plenty of time for interest to increase, and raise its box office potential as a result.

Even if Incredibles 2 just matches these projections, it'll likely be one of the summer's biggest openings. It has hardly any competition in its first weekend with the adult-comedy Tag and Sony's Superfly remake looking to be its biggest competing new releases. But, with Ocean's 8 opening the week prior, strong word of mouth on that film could take away some of Incredibles 2's audience. Luckily for the movie, it has about a month to be the only major family friendly animated movie. As long as the movie is as good as everyone expects, it not only will open high, but should have a placement that can give it strong legs throughout the rest of the summer.

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Source: Box Office Pro, EW

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