The Incredibles 2 Offers a Literal Toast to the New Year

The Incredibles 2 rang in the new year with a timely pun. This seems fitting given that New Year's Eve is celebrated as a time of looking forward to the year to come and fans of The Incredibles franchise have certainly been looking forward to 2018 and the long-awaited sequel.

One of the grandest and longest-lasting of New Year's Eve traditions is the New Year's Eve Toast, which is usually made with a clinking of champagne flutes. This tradition was turned on its side, however, with a literal piece of toast - burned with The Incredibles 2 logo - being offered up with the caption "Here’s a toast to an Incredible New Year."

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The timely pun was delivered via Walt Disney Studio's official Twitter account. It remains to be seen, however, what role, if any, toast will play in The Incredibles 2.

The original Incredibles movie- which won the 2005 Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year - has proven one of the most endearing and enduring of the collaborations between Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Animation Studios. Demand for a sequel was high even before the relatively recent boom of films based on classic comic book characters and original superheroes. The upcoming sequel, The Incredibles 2, is one of the most highly anticipated films of 2018 and expectations are high for the family film.

Disney has been surprisingly silent on what audiences can expect to see in the sequel. To date only one trailer has been released and it did little more than tease the discovery of a secret that the audience is aware of but the characters in the movie are not - that baby Jack-Jack has started to manifest his own super powers.

It is said that The Incredibles 2 will pick-up right where the original left off, with no time-jump despite over a decade passing since the original film's release. The super-powered family will have to come together once again to face a new villain, with their ice-manipulating friend Frozone along for the ride as well. One interesting change - made perhaps to reflect the increasing number of women headlining action movies - is that The Incredibles 2 will focus on Helen "Elastigirl" Parr (voiced by Holly Hunter) as she reenters the workforce while her husband Bob (voiced by Craig T. Nelson) becomes a stay-at-home dad. The likes of Bob Odenkirk and Cathleen Keener have also joined the cast in mystery roles.

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Source: Walt Disney Studios

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