The Incredibles Do Laundry In Teaser Poster; Michael Giacchino Recording Score

Marketing for The Incredibles 2 continues with a new teaser poster while composer Michael Giacchino starts recording the film's musical score. The sequel has been a long time coming for fans of Disney/Pixar's superhero romp, which was released to widespread acclaim back in 2004. Brad Bird returned to write and direct the followup, placing the spotlight on Elastigirl while Mr. Incredible serves as a stay-at-home dad to watch baby Jack-Jack (who is developing his own set of powers). Plot details are hard to come by at this point in time, other than Incredibles 2 picks up moments after its predecessor. However, more information about the movie will be coming soon.

After unveiling a brief teaser trailer at the end of last year, Pixar is ready to rev up the promotional campaign in earnest. Shortly after a character poster for the incomparable Edna Mode was spotted on the streets, it was revealed a special sneak peek at The Incredibles 2 would be coming later this week during NBC's coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics. As viewers wait to see what surprises Pixar has in store, a new one-sheet has been shared.

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The official Twitter account for The Incredibles 2 launched today with the poster, depicting the humorous image of the Incredibles' costumes in a laundry basket waiting to get washed. It's an amusing reminder of how the property deftly blends genre thrills with human drama, indicating the family's domestic life should once again be featured in the sequel. Check it out for yourself below:

Additionally, the film's post-production seems to be coming along nicely, as Michael Giacchino took to his own Twitter to share he begins work on the score today. The Oscar-winner has quite the history with both Pixar and Bird. Giacchino has written the music for all of the director's feature films since the original Incredibles and scored six previous Pixar movies (including his Academy Award win, Up). Obviously, these partnerships have proven to be quite fruitful over the years, so fans should expect nothing less than another stellar collaboration. The first Incredibles featured one of Pixar's most memorable main themes with fanfare fitting of an entertaining adventure. It'll be fun to hear what Giacchino has up his sleeve for this round.

Pixar admittedly has something of a mixed track record when it comes to sequels, but the critical and commercial success of Toy Story 3 and Finding Dory illustrates the animation powerhouse can knock a followup out of the park when all the pieces fall into place. Bird didn't want to return to the world of The Incredibles unless he was confident in the story, so right now it's hard not to get excited for what his team has in store. Hopefully the next trailer sets the stage for a worthwhile sequel that builds on what came before.

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