The Incredibles 2 Video Spotlights Elastigirl's New Supersuit

The latest video for The Incredibles 2 offers a look at Elastigirl's new costume. The sneak peak shows the heroine trying on the new super-suit, complaining about the color scheme and how it is "dark and angsty" - not at all the image that she wants to present to the world.

The long-awaited sequel to the 2004 animated film about a super-powered family - trying to get by in a world where costumed crime fighters have been outlawed - is one of the most highly anticipated family films of 2018.  Following up immediately from the ending of The Incredibles, the story will reportedly focus on Helen Parr a.k.a. Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), who gets back into superheroics as a full-time job. This leaves her husband Bob, a.k.a. Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson), adjusting to life as a house-husband after losing his job as an insurance agent. The movie will also explore the discovery of baby Jack-Jack's development of a number of super powers.

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The new trailer, which can be viewed above, is largely devoted to the character of Edna Mode - the fashion designer responsible for developing the specialized super-suits used by all of the world's finest superheroes. The trailer reveals that Edna did not design the new Elastigirl costume and is ill-pleased about not being consulted.

The Incredibles II Elastigirl new costume

Several famous real-world fashion designers, fashion experts, stylists, and models make cameo appearances in the trailer, including Zac Posen, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Rachel Zoe, Andre Leon Talley, Kate Young, and Kendall Jenner. All of them sing praises of Edna Mode's skill as a designer, singling out such revolutionary concepts as rocket stiletto-heels and "the nuclear onesie."

"She's a visionary. A giant," says Kendall Jenner. "Well, I mean, not literally. She comes up to my knees!"

It remains to be seen precisely what role Edna Mode will play in The Incredibles 2, though it has been confirmed that director Brad Bird will once again be providing the voice of the diminutive fashion designer. The new trailer confirms, however, that she will be checking up on her favorite family. It also seems that she won't be holding a grudge about Elastigirl's new suit being designed by "some guy named Alexander Gehlbachi." At least not after Bob promises her exclusive rights to being the official costume designer for Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone "throughout the known universe and until the end of time." One wonders if we'll get a chance to learn what contract law is like in a world where space travel and time travel are apparently possible.

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Source: Disney-Pixar

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