The Incredibles Are Back In Action In First Look Image

Jack-Jack use His laser beams in The Incredibles 2

The Parr family is back in action in a first-look image from the upcoming Pixar film The Incredibles 2. The highly-anticipated sequel will finally hit theaters in June 2018 after much demand from fans.

As one of the beloved Pixar movies of all time, it has been some 13 years since we left Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack in a sticky situation and The Incredibles' cliffhanger ending. After what seems like an eternity, director Brad Bird is finally bringing the whole gang (with some new faces) back together for Incredibles 2 next year.

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We've already glimpsed the reveal of Jack-Jack's (many) powers in the Incredibles 2 first teaser trailer, but now EW has unveiled the movie's snap of the family back in action. The image doesn't give too much away, but it looks strikingly familiar to the closing shot of Bird's original movie. It is already confirmed that the sequel will pick up where its predecessor left off, so is this the Parrs about to face off against John Ratzenberger's villainous Underminer in the followup's opening sequence?

With The Incredibles 2's teaser being the most-viewed animated movie trailer of all time, it clearly isn't just existing fans of the franchise that can't wait for the sequel. In an era before the MCU kicked off with Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, The Incredibles was a family-friendly affair that combined our love of animation with our fascination with comic book heroes. However, even netting an impressive $261 million at the domestic box office, The Incredibles is still only the seventh-highest-grossing Pixar film - let's see if the sequel can do any better.

Returning talent Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, and Samuel L. Jackson will also be joined by new stars like Catherine Keener and Bob Odenkirk. Both have been cast in mystery roles, so we're still unsure whether they will be fighting for the side of good or evil. Also, in this era of female-first superhero movies like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, it sounds like Mr. Incredible will be left at the home while Hunt's Elastagirl goes out on her own adventure.

While Disney-Pixar is still keeping the rest of the plot as secret as a superhero's civilian identity, there are rumors that up to 25 new lycra-clad characters will be premiering alongside the Parrs. Whatever happens, The Incredibles 2 promises to be a light-hearted adventure that should delight audiences around the globe. Pixar admittedly has something of a mixed track record with sequels, but hopefully The Incredibles 2 can join the latter two installments of the Toy Story trilogy in the hallowed halls of Pixar's finest efforts.

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Source: EW

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