The Incredibles 2 Focuses on Elastigirl; D23 Footage Description

Hellen Parr Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) The Incredibles

Elastigirl is set to be the lead in The Incredibles 2, which also features a bunch of new superheroes. Before cinematic universes were the talk of the movie industry and back before the superhero boom took off, Pixar launched their own take on the superhero movie with The Incredibles. Focusing on a family of supers in a world where many had already been lost, the film followed Mr. Incredible's journey to finding life as a hero again. But, with his wife Elastigirl and three kids also possessing powers, they proved to be a true super-powered family.

While the movie was dedicated to Mr. Incredible's journey, Elastigirl still had a big role to play as she tried to uncover what her husband had been up to. But, set the franchise in a new direction, putting Elastigirl firmly in the leading role, as her husband focuses on raising young Jack Jack.

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During the animation panel at D23, Disney revealed that the long awaited sequel will focus primarily on Elastigirl. What challenges she will face are still unknown, but the shift in perspective will allow for the film to have a distinctly different feel this time around. Along with this information on the film's focus, Disney also showed a scene from the film, starring one of the many fan-favorite characters from the first film: Jack Jack. But, they also teased this world being replenished with superheroes.

Incredibles 2 footage showed Jack Jack using a dozen different powers and Bob ecstatic to witness it! He beat up a raccoon!

— Brandon Davis (@BrandonDavisBD) July 14, 2017

They just showed a lineup of like 25 new superheroes for #TheIncredibles2

— ErikDavis (@ErikDavis) July 14, 2017

Disney and Pixar have clearly had this plan in motion for some time to turn the focus to Elastigirl in the sequel, and it's great to see in the wake of Wonder Woman's success. There are clearly many differences between Pixar's upcoming film and DC's latest, but the continued push for female characters to be in the spotlight is great to see once again from Disney. If Mr. Incredible is put in the stay-at-home dad role for this movie, it should be interesting to see how their lives got to that place, and what is keeping Elastigirl so busy.

It was confirmed earlier today that the sequel picks up directly after the first film, so Elastigirl's life could not have changed that much in such a short amount of time. But, after allowing Mr. Incredible to go off on his adventure, maybe she figures it is her turn to find herself once again. Where the multiple other superheroes come from is not clear, nor is how close their relationships will be with Parr family. Regardless of how they are incorporated into this world, they better not have any capes.

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