Incredibles 2 Poster Brings Back Edna Mode

Famed superhero costume designer Edna Mode returns in a new poster for The Incredibles 2. Arriving 14 years after its Oscar-winning predecessor, Brad Bird's sequel is one of 2018's most anticipated movies as Pixar reacquaints viewers with the Parr family. The film's scope looks to be far greater than the original, as it's been reported no less than 25 new superheroes will be featured. However, it's the returning faces audiences are very excited to see.

With the exception of villain Syndrome (who perished thanks to his cape), all of the main characters from the first Incredibles are coming back for round two. That includes the scene-stealing Edna Mode, the memorable supporting player whose particular taste in clothing helped several crimefighters get the job done in style. Given that she was one of the (many) highlights of the initial film, it'll be fun to see how she fits into the narrative this time. Meanwhile, Pixar is beginning to hype up her return with a new poster.

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Originally spotted on Reddit, the one-sheet is a simple character poster for Edna, consisting of an illustrated drawing of the character against a black backdrop. It includes the tag line "It's been too long, dahlings," a reference to Edna's vocal inflictions and the extended gap between Incredibles installments. This seems to be an official poster from Disney, as Twitter user lena shared an image of it attached to a bus stop. See it for yourself below:

Marketing for Incredibles 2 has been scarce so far, with only the teaser trailer and some still images giving viewers a look at the film. The emergence of this poster could indicate that's about to change. With four months remaining until its premiere, Pixar will have to unveil new materials sooner than later. Many thought a TV spot would air during Super Bowl LII, but that didn't come to pass. Fortunately, Disney has some high-profile releases coming up (Black Panther and A Wrinkle In Time) that could serve as a launching pad for a new Incredibles trailer. The only story details revealed thus far state Elastigirl will take the lead while Mr. Incredible stays home to watch baby Jack-Jack, so it'd be nice if fans got a greater idea of what the film was about in the near future.

Though Coco is the clear frontrunner in this year's Best Animated Feature category at the Oscars, 2017 was something of a down year for Pixar as a whole. Both Cars 3 ($152.9 million) and Coco ($205.2 million) rank in the bottom half on the studio's all-time domestic chart - a far cry from the $486.2 million of 2016's Finding Dory. It looks like Incredibles 2 will be another bona fide hit for Pixar, seeing that the first preview became the most-viewed animated trailer ever and fans have long been demanding another adventure with the Parr family. From a commercial prospect at the very least, Bird's latest should be closer to Toy Story 3 than Cars 3.

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