Incredibles 2: 11 Easter Eggs You Missed

WARNING: Spoilers for Incredibles 2.

The long-awaited Incredibles 2 has arrived with more humor, action and a load of hidden Easter Eggs. The film is a bonafide hit, with Pixar's biggest opening weekend ever and some top-level reviews. It's proven so popular, in fact, that fans are already bracing for the inevitably long wait for a possible Incredibles 3.

Of course, Pixar doesn't just produce some of the best-animated movies; they love to place little references to pop culture and their other films. Some of these - like the Pizza Planet truck - are legendary, but it goes deeper than just a few running gags. And, considering that Incredibles 2's runtime was longer than any of their previous films, that means there are more moments for fans to find and to miss.

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Here are the best and most fun Easter Eggs hidden in Incredibles 2, from clever references relating to other Pixar characters to sly commentary on what's happening in our own world.

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10 John Ratzenberger Is Back As The Underminer

Pixar can't make a movie without including "good luck charm" John Ratzenberger. Best known for playing Cliff Calvin in Cheers, Ratzenberger has become a Pixar mainstay since playing Hamm in Toy Story; his recognizable voice can be heard in every single one of their movies. Given that The Incredibles ended on his character - The Underminer - threatening the surface world, it's only natural that Incredibles 2 - which picks up several minutes after the first movie's cliffhanger - would have him reprise the role.

Although The Underminer escaped in his drill machine after the opening sequence of Incredibles 2, the film's end-credits tease that he may still be out there, teasing a possible third appearance in an Incredibles 3.

9 Jack-Jack Loves Mozart

When Bob picks up Jack-Jack from Edna Mode, she mentions that Jack-Jack really enjoys Mozart. This isn't just a throw-away line: it's actually a callback to The Incredibles and its 2005 short film spinoff Jack-Jack Attack, detailing his time with babysitter Kari. In the film itself, Kari says she'll play Mozart to the sleeping baby to boost his intelligence and creativity, which provides a classical score to the short as Jack-Jack's powers emerge.

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Some fans have speculated that Kari's theory was right, and that it was actually Mozart's music that triggered Jack-Jack's powers (which, as of Incredibles 2, total 17).

8 A113 Appears Again

Finding Dory Easter Egg License Plate A113

John Ratzenberger isn't the only connection in all the Pixar films. The famous sequence "A113" - a referene to the Cal-Arts classroom where many Pixar founders studied - is hidden in every single movie (and has appeared in lots of other movie and TV shows). In Incredibles 2, A113 appears when Violet and Tony go on their first date; it's hidden on the movie theater's marquee as a movie titled Dementia A113.

Not only was the movie Dementia A113 a way to work in the digits, it's also a reference to the 1963 movie Dementia 13 directed by Oscar winner Francis Ford Coppola.

7 The Outer Limits and Johnny Quest Place Incredibles 2 In The 1960s

The Incredibles and its sequel are actually set in the 1960s, evidenced by the technology and hidden dates throughout the movies. This can be best seen, though, in the media the characters consume. Dementia 13 is an obvious one, but there's also some period TV shows.

When the Parrs aren't busy fighting evil, they're trying to live like any other ordinary family. One of the ways they like to unwind is by spending time together watching TV shows like Johnny Quest and The Outer LimitsJohnny Quest was a cartoon about a boy who travels with his father to exotic locations and fights bad guys, reflecting the lives of the Parrs. The Outer Limits was a sci-fi anthology series known for its creepy opening titles about taking over people's TV screens; something that foreshadows the introduction of villain The Screen Slaver, who can hypnotize anyone when they watched a TV screen.

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6 A Ghostbusters Reference

Ghostbusters Harold Ramis

When Evelyn Deavor - the movie's real villian - tries to convince Elastigirl that the pizza delivery guy she's had posing as The Screen Slaver is a threat, she claims, "Einstein was a patent clerk!" This idea of unsuspecting power is itself a clue given to Evelyn's true intentions, but it also serves as a nod to Ghostbusters; the quote is almost an exact copy of what Peter Venkman said to motivate Ray Stanz, "Einstein did his best stuff when he was working as a patent clerk."

5 A Reference to Poltergeist

Summer Horror Movies Poltergeist

Jack-Jack displays an array of new superpowers in Incredibles 2, but at least one will be familiar to fansof another Craig T. Nelson movie, Poltergeist. After Jack-Jack disappeared into the other dimension, he left behind a TV remote and his disembodied voice is heard throughout the house. This is a subtle nod to the scene in Poltergeist when the daughter was stuck in another dimension, and the family could only communicate with her through the static on their television screen.

4 Pizza Planet Truck

Pizza Planet truck

One recurring Pixar Easter Egg that was conspicuous by its absence in The Incredibles is the Pizza Planet truck; Brad Bird was new to Pixar at the time and so didn't make the effort to sneak in the vehicle.

That oversight isn't repeated in Incredibles 2. The Pizza Planet truck - with a period-accurate redesign - can be seen while Helen was parachuting in her pursuit of The Screen Slaver; after she lands on the ground, the truck is right beside her.

3 The Safari Inn

Safari Inn Burbank

The Parr's family home was destroyed at the end of The Incredibles. When Incredibles 2 picks up, the family is now residing in a hotel called the Safari Court. If this swanky hotel looks familiar, it's because it's based on a real hotel.

The Safari Inn is a hotel located in Burbank, California, close to Walt Disney Studios. The retro hotel is a famous filming location that can be seen in different movies such as True Romance, Coach Carter and Apollo 13.

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2 The Batman References

Adam West Batman Bat Phone

If you think the sixties and superheroes, you inevitably think of Adam West's Batman. Fittingly, Incredibles 2 fits in a couple of nods to the caped crusader. First, West's Batmobile sound effect can be heard when the Incredibile goes into the water. Secondly, when DevTech is first revealed on screen, a faint Bat Signal is hidden in the clouds.

It's not all complimentary, though; Elastigirl made a comment about her new costume looking "dark and angsty", which could be taken as a little jab at some of the recent DC movies, similar to Deadpool 2's stab at the DCEU.

1 The Toy Story 4 Tease

It's Pixar tradition for any new release to tease what's next: The Incredibles featured an eye-less version of Cars' Doc Hudson, while Coco had a Mexican style poster in Incredibles 2. Things are a bit trickier for Incredibles 2 as it was originally set to release in 2019, only for it to swap dates with Toy Story 4. This actually meant one meta Easter Egg was lost; originally the film would come fifteen years after the original, honoring Syndrome's "fifteen years too late" line.

Still, there is a reference to Toy Story 4... somewhere. At the time of writing, this hasn't been found, but we'll be sure to update the article when it is!

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