Craig T. Nelson & Holly Hunter Interview: Incredibles 2

Craig T. Nelson is an American actor, who is most known for his roles as Hayden Fox in the TV series Coach, the voice of Mr. Incredible from Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles, and most recently as Zeek Braverman in Parenthood. Holly Hunter is an American actress and producer, who is most known for her award-winning performances in a variety of films like Thirteen, The Firm and The Piano, which won her an Academy Award for Best Actress among other awards. She is also known for voicing Helen Parr/Elastigirl in Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles. Both Craig and Holly are reprising their roles of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible in the upcoming Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2, which will be released in theaters on June 15, 2018.

Screen Rant got a chance to chat with Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter on Press Day, where we discussed what it was like returning to roles fourteen years later, how they felt they viewed their characters now compared to when they first played them, and how unique Elastigirl is as a female superhero.

SR: Amazing. Amazing job. This brought me right back to fourteen years ago when I saw this in theaters and it just picked right up.

Holly Hunter: How old were you when it…?

SR: Fourteen years? I think I was like 21 or 20.

Holly Hunter: You look very young. I thought you were going to say you were like 12.

Craig T. Nelson: Yeah. You’re right. 13.

SR: No. I was pretty young, but…

Holly Hunter: You are very young looking.

SR: Thank you! I don’t get that very often. It’s all the grey in the beard. First question is how easy is it for you guys to come back to these roles after fourteen years later and did you guys think you would be voicing these iconic characters again?

Craig T. Nelson: I didn’t. I mean, you give up about three years after we did the first one.

Holly Hunter: [laughs]

Craig T. Nelson: Well, you think that’s not coming back. And then you wait and you kind of forget about it, but you still watch it and the grandkids watch it. But when you get the call that they are doing another one, for me it was like oh gosh. I just don’t know if I am going to be able to get there vocally because I felt different. I had to do a different voice for a project I was doing and I wasn’t sure I could hit it. So, it was fourteen years and there’s changes. I was a little antsy.

SR: Now this is obviously a character study on a family, which I absolutely love and I think it’s needed right now. But with you guys how much you’ve grown in the past fourteen years, how do you guys view the characters now opposed to how you did then?

Holly Hunter: Well, it was interesting for us because, you know, the Me Too movement and Time’s Up had just occurred. And so, the movie kind of serendipitously dovetails into that. The fact that she is such a leader with the adventure of the film, it just felt fantastic. And I’m just reminded how few superhero characters that are female that are out there on the landscape.

SR: Absolutely.

Holly Hunter: And she is a very unique one because she is a mom but, at the same time, she is a total mother but she does not lead with a maternal kind of instinct at all as a superhero. She is so unabashedly a competitor. Someone who wants to win. So, I love that juxtaposition.

SR: I do too. It was brilliant. And I was going to ask you because last year we had Wonder Woman. Next year we have Captain Marvel. How does it feel to be on the cinematic forefront of strong female superheroes that are pretty much needed?

Holly Hunter: I don’t know, man. That just happened. But it’s really cool. I feel a certain kinship with Gal Gadot, who I adore both on screen and in person. She’s such an adorable person. But, look! This is Brad Bird’s and Pixar’s genius.

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