'Incredibles 2' Is Brad Bird's Next Movie; Bird Talks Directing 'Star Wars'

Brad Bird directing Incredibles 2

Of all the sequels Pixar has in development, the one that has generated the most positive reaction is arguably The Incredibles 2. Ever since Brad Bird's emotional tale of a superhero family coming together earned widespread acclaim in 2004, moviegoers have been clamoring for a sequel. After years of waiting and hoping, that follow-up is finally coming through the pipeline, with Bird currently writing the movie's script.

And though Bird has been attached to the project from the beginning, his capacity thus far has been limited to "writer" with no mention of him directing (as was the case with the original). While it's still not "officially" confirmed he'll be back at the helm, Bird certainly sounds like he's looking to call the shots on Incredibles 2 based on his most recent update.

In an interview with Collider, the Tomorrowland director indicated that his next directorial project will indeed be the continuing adventures of Bob Parr and family:

“Yeah it feels like it to me, yeah.”

Again, it's not the most conclusive answer fans might have been hoping for, but it seems like Bird will be the one to guide the Incredibles back to the big screen. This development will certainly please many fans, as Bird has always displayed passion and enthusiasm for the world and characters. His stance on the sequel (that it shouldn't happen unless the story is right) is one of the reasons so many viewers are anticipating it and taking his track record as a filmmaker into account, Bird's continued involvement past the writing phase give us reason to believe it will be a worthwhile installment.

As such, it will be interesting to see where Bird takes the narrative this time around. In the Collider interview, he stated that he has a "bunch of pages" written so far, combining both leftover ideas from the first Incredibles and new concepts that Bird thinks will mold together to make a good movie. While plot details are hard to come by, we do know that there won't be any commentary on the increasing popularity of the superhero genre and it will serve more as a character story than what we got in the first film. Ideally, that will make it a timeless production like its predecessor.

Boba Fett Vader Lando

Though Bird is furthering his already lucrative partnership with Disney in multiple ways (Tomorrowland and Incredibles 2), he almost got involved with a different Mouse House property. In the early days of Star Wars: The Force Awakens development, Bird was one of the directors said to be circling the film. He was asked about his desire to make a Star Wars film down the line, in particular the recently-vacated second Anthology film at one point set to be helmed by Josh Trank:

"Well, Kathy and I have discussed the possibility of - I mean she’s basically saying this is a very large sandbox and other people can play in it. I was particularly attracted to the idea of picking up and - J.J. got very excited about the notion of shaping the next trilogy, and that idea was interesting to me too. But I kind of - I’m writing a sequel to 'The Incredibles' and I can’t think too much farther beyond that. I have other things I want to do as well.”

That Bird and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy (to whom Bird is referring to) have had discussions about his involvement with the galaxy far, far away is a tantalizing prospect for fans. The filmmaker showed that his talents go beyond the realm of animation when he directed Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol to critical acclaim and huge box office totals.

Incredibles logo

That film's sense of a fun grand adventure coupled with his pristine handling of action sequences is something many would like to see in a new Star Wars film - and with the standalone "anthology" works being separate from the sequel trilogy narrative, it would allow a creative mind like Bird's more freedom in crafting something special.

But, as he says, Bird is a little tied up at the moment. Incredibles 2 will take a couple of years to put together, and it's best if he concentrates his efforts on making that as solid as it can be instead of worrying about what's down the line. Bird is certainly a good fit for this series, so fingers crossed something can be worked out between him and Lucasfilm down the line. In the meantime, we'll be eagerly awaiting his next superhero story and all the possibilities that brings.


We'll keep you updated on The Incredibles 2 as more information becomes available.

Source: Collider

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