Brad Bird & John Walker Interview: Incredibles 2

This post contains MILD SPOILERS for Incredibles 2


Brad Bird is an American director, screenwriter, animator, producer, and voice actor. He is most known for work with Disney Pixar with The Incredibles and Ratatouille. He is also known for his first animated feature, The Iron Giant. Brad Bird is back with the long anticipated sequel, Incredibles 2. John Walker is an American producer and actor most known for producing Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles. He is a frequent collaborator with Brad Bird, having worked on Bird’s The Iron Giant, Tomorrowland, and now he is back to produce Incredibles 2, which will premiere in theaters on June 15, 2018.

Screen Rant got a chance to talk with Brad Bird and John Walker on Press Day, where we discussed how the Incredibles have grown this time around, which one of Jack-Jack’s powers is their favorite, and how personal the project is to Brad Bird.

SR: I’ve been waiting forever. Well, for fourteen years at least, for the Incredibles sequel and finally it is here! A lot of franchises claim, but the Incredibles is really about it. It’s about family. How has the family grown this time around?

Brad Bird: They’ve grown about...

[in unison] Five seconds.

John Walker: There’s no growth involved.

Brad Bird: This movie picks up exactly where the last film left off. I think the only thing that the audience has to be reminded of is that there was three months between the second to the last scene of the first movie and the last scene of the first movie. So, Violet has gotten a little better with her powers. Dash is a little more comfortable with breaking them out every now and again. But, essentially, the Incredibles are still, their house is still destroyed.

John Walker: They are living in a motel.

Brad Bird: They are living in a motel. Yeah. And, you know, things are not perfect.

SR: Did it, because it’s been awhile since the last Incredibles movie, did it take that time frame really for you guys to get the life experience to come up with this story?

Brad Bird: No. The idea of Bob and Helen switching roles I had as we were promoting the first film.

SR: Oh wow! Really?

Brad Bird: Yeah. And I knew that the audience knew that Jack-Jack had multiple powers, but the Parrs did not. The Parr family did not, so I knew that I would have that to play with and that was a big thing. I knew Jack-Jack was going to be a much bigger character in any new movie that we made. I just always wanted to return to these characters because I had such a blast making the first film, which was the only film I’ve made so far which I’ve taken from the first germ of an idea to completion. So, it is really strangely personal to me. Even though it seems like a popcorn movie and is!

John Walker: And is!

Brad Bird: It’s a very personal popcorn movie.

John Walker: We also had the raccoon and Jack-Jack fight because that had been an idea that we had been trying to get into the first film and never had the place for it.

SR: Oh really?

Brad Bird: Yeah. Part of the idea of Jack-Jack with Kari the Babysitter in the first movie was if things get slow, if the plot gets a little bogged down, I could always cut back to the babysitter coping with Jack-Jack. And the plot never slowed down, so we never used it and we ended up doing Jack-Jack and the babysitter as an extra on the Blu-ray.

SR: Well, I was going to ask. With Edna babysitting Jack-Jack, is there a possibility that -?

Brad Bird: Don’t give that up to your viewers.

SR: That’ll be, that’ll be, we’ll cut that out later.

Brad Bird: Alright. You’re going to cut this. Cut this.

John Walker: [laughs]

SR: Are we going to be able to see…?

Brad Bird: I’m trusting you now.

SR: I promise. A possible spinoff or…?

Brad Bird: No. No. No. No.

John Walker: No.

Brad Bird: Let’s not parse every part of the chicken bone. No. Let’s just move on and make other films and come back to this one when time is right if necessary.

SR: Which one of Jack-Jack’s new powers is your favorite?

Brad Bird: Uh, by golly, it changes by the day.

John Walker: I do like it when he bursts into flames. [laughs] I got to say.

SR: [laughs]

Brad Bird: Yeah. I feel like I do that anyway.

John Walker: That’s a pretty good moment, you know?

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