Incredibles 2 Makes History At The Box Office For Animated Movies

Incredibles 2 has broken another box office record becoming the first animated film to cross $500 million at the domestic box office. Fans have poured into theaters for the highly anticipated sequel to The Incredibles, released in 2004, over the last four weekends. Exceeding expectations in more ways than one, Incredibles 2 has proven to be just that - incredible.

Returning 14 years after the original film, Incredibles 2 returned to love and praise from both critics and fans. Picking up where the original film ended, Incredibles 2 launched into action, not only providing family fun but finding a relevance in a world that has changed so much over a decade. The film is both new and nostalgic, appealing to a wider audience demographic than previous animated films. It is no surprise the success of the film exceeded studio and industry expectations, setting a record in animation with a $182 million opening weekend.

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According to The Wrap, The Incredibles 2 will set an animation record this weekend, becoming the first animated film to cross the $500 million domestic earning milestone. Expected to bring in another $31 million in its fourth weekend, Incredibles 2 will break the record set by Finding Dory in 2016 - which grossed $486 million domestically. Animation aside, the film has also become the 12th film in North America to by-pass this monetary milestone. It is expected to stretch even further in the coming weeks, joining the elite top 10 all-time domestic grossers.

While Ant-Man & the Wasp looks to dominate the box office, estimated to earn $83 million during its opening weekend release, Incredibles 2 will not be far behind, with analysts predicting it will take second place this weekend. While Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom looks to come close to Incredibles 2, it is predicted to come just shy of the record breaker. With both films expected to give the old one-two punch, Disney looks to continue its dominating force at the box office.

Critics and analysts have cited the success of the sequel as being the length of time between the original and Incredibles 2. Many of the children who fell in love with The Incredibles are now adults, and even without children, carried a large percentage of the viewers who opened their wallets for a ticket. With the recent failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story story at the box office, Disney may have a lesson to learn here - that absence makes the heart grow fonder. And with the success of Incredibles 2, a second sequel may follow. While no official news and release information has been announced, there is without a doubt a desire from fans for more. Yet, with fans wanting more, it might be worth remembering that sometimes good things come to those who wait.

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Source: The Wrap

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