Incredibles 2 Poised To Shatter Pixar Box Office Record

The most recent Incredibles 2 box office predictions have the film shattering Pixar's all-time opening weekend record. After 14 long years, the animation powerhouse is finally reuniting audiences with the Parr family, and many are expecting this sequel to be one of the summer's biggest hits. There's no denying Incredibles 2 is already a critical darling, and that status will only help its commercial prospects as it approaches its opening weekend.

For a while, estimates have pointed to the movie setting a new high for Pixar in its debut, with the only question being how much money Incredibles 2 will make in its first three days. Initially, it was pegged to earn about $140 million during that timeframe, but now it could be an even larger haul than that.

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According to Box Office Pro, the current projections for Incredibles 2 are set at $152 million. This would be significantly higher than Finding Dory's opening weekend ($135 million). Not only would Incredibles 2 break the Pixar record, it would also set a new mark for the animation medium in general. One record that is safe from Pixar, however, is the all-time June opening record, which is Jurassic World at $208.8 million. The absolute highest Box Office Pro has Incredibles 2 reaching is $165 million.

It shouldn't surprise anyone this is the case. Incredibles 2 has long been one of Pixar's most demanded films, with audiences eager to go on another adventure with the superheroes. Additionally, the studio is normally a massive box office draw. Last summer, Cars 3 underwhelmed with $152.9 million total domestically, but that's not an indicator audiences are starting to lose interest in Pixar's offerings. The Cars franchise has never been as beloved as some of the studio's other properties, and word-of-mouth sunk it more than anything. When a Pixar film fires on all cylinders (which is par for the course for them), they deliver something like a Toy Story 3 ($110.3 million) or Inside Out ($90.4 million). By most accounts, Incredibles 2 is in that ballpark.

Incredibles 2 director Brad Bird was coming off his first career misfire in Tomorrowland, so it's nice to see he was able to rebound and make another great animated film. The sequel should prove to be one of the most successful titles of all of 2018, seeing that it could earn as much as $540 million domestically in its run. Time will tell how much it will gross, but everyone involved can rest easy knowing they have another crowdpleaser on their hands.

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Source: Box Office Pro

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