Incredibles 2 Poised For Pixar's Biggest Box Office Opening

Tracking indicates Incredibles 2 will be Pixar's biggest opening ever. After years of shying away from sequels, Pixar has moved into franchise territory under the guidance of Disney. It has so far proved to be an incredibly lucrative venture and there has always been hopes that a long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles would be the same. After all, the first film is beloved by many and came before the superhero movie craze that has taken hold of Hollywood. With the sequel bringing back all the characters fans loved and introducing even more, expectations have been high.

We are now just a few weeks away from Incredibles 2 hitting theaters and it'll do so after a great marketing campaign. They've pushed Elastigirl as the lead but also balanced it with Mr. Incredible now taking on the role of stay-at-home dad. With a mix of fun and adventure to go along with barely detailing the villain, Screenslaver, there's room for the movie to surprise. And it looks like plenty of people will be seeing it right away.

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THR reports that Incredibles 2 is tracking for an opening north of $140 million domestically. This is not only double what the first film earned back in 2004 (not adjusted for inflation), but it would crush all other Pixar titles. Even if Incredibles 2 falls just below this tracking (and doesn't exceed it as most tentpoles do) it will surpass Finding Dory's $135M opening for the best in Pixar's history.

This is obviously great news for Pixar and Disney. These numbers far exceed the early projections for Incredibles 2 that had it opening to $110M. This is all without reviews for the movie yet surfacing, too. If Incredibles 2 generates positive reviews and great word of mouth there's a good chance it will blow past this $140M figure. Such reviews will also give the movie the ability to likely be the biggest family and animated film of the summer - if not the year.

Breaking Pixar's record for biggest opening is one thing, but should Incredibles 2 launch to the estimated $140M, it'll immediately be among the top earners of 2018 as a whole. It isn't going to touch Avengers: Infinity War's record setting opening or Black Panther's $200M opening (both Disney movies, by the way), but it could be the third biggest opening of the year. This could depend on how well fellow Disney venture Solo: A Star Wars Story does this weekend, and estimates look like Incredibles 2 will be close to its 3 day haul. Either way, Incredibles 2 is going to make a ton of money for Pixar and Disney.

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Source: THR

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