Incredibles 2 Crosses the $1 Billion Mark Worldwide

Incredibles 2 is the latest film to pass the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office. The franchise debuted way back in 2004, and immediately became one of Pixar's most beloved offerings. People spent the next several years clamoring for an Incredibles sequel. After 14 years, director Brad Bird finally delivered, and it's safe to say the movie delivered on all fronts. Unsurprisingly, Incredibles 2 was yet another Certified Fresh critical darling for Pixar, and that positive word-of-mouth spread to its box office performance.

The sequel broke records early on in its box office run, opening higher than some live-action superhero films. It eventually became the highest-grossing animated movie of all-time domestically, surpassing another Pixar title, Finding Dory. But Incredibles 2 wasn't just a smash in North America. Audiences all around the globe came out in droves to support the film, and it's now passed a milestone.

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Per VarietyIncredibles 2 crossed the $1 billion mark on Monday, July 30. It is the 36th film in history to become a member of that club, and the fourth of 2018. Previously this year, the likes of Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War (both of which were also Disney releases), and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hit $1 billion globally. Incredibles 2 is also the 18th Disney movie to reach that mark, meaning the Mouse House accounts for half of the $1 billion earners.

Typically, this kind of haul would lead to talk of another sequel, though Incredibles is not your typical Hollywood superhero franchise. Bird is very particular about making followups to his films, and has expressed a desire to move on to new stories for the foreseeable future. This isn't to say an Incredibles 3 will never happen, though it certainly isn't in the pipeline right now. After Toy Story 4 premieres next summer, Pixar itself is going to pump the brakes on sequels and pursue more of their trademark original films. It's currently unknown what many of those ideas will be, but the studio has secured release dates for several upcoming projects, so details should be released at some point in the near future.

As fun as it would be to see the Parr family do battle against crime again, a case can be made there isn't much else to the Incredibles story. The sequel resolved the one main dangling thread from the original film (the law banning superheroes), and now the Incredibles can keep their city safe legally. Bird could always implement a time jump, but he was against aging the characters up for this year's film, so he may not be ready to have Jack-Jack grow up.

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Source: Variety

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