Bob Odenkirk & Catherine Keener Interview: Incredibles 2

Catherine Keener is an American actress, who is most known for her roles as Maxine Lund in Being John Malkovich and Harper Lee in Capote. Bob Odenkirk is an American actor, comedian, writer, director, and producer. He is most known for his career-making role Saul Goodman in AMC’s Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Both will be voicing characters Evelyn Deavor and Winston Deavor respectfully in Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2, which will be released in theaters on June 15, 2018.

Screen Rant got a chance to talk to Catherine Keener and Bob Odenkirk on Press Day, where we discussed how much ad libbing they were allowed to do when working in the booth, how much fun it was for Bob to portray a more happy, uplifting salesperson, and what their characters’ relationship is like as brother and sister.

SR: Congratulations, guys! This movie is amazing. Now I’ve got to ask. When you are in the room, because you guys are great geniuses, when you are in the booth do you get a chance to ad lib at all with any of your lines?

Bob Odenkirk: Sometimes.

Catherine Keener: A little bit, right?

Bob Odenkirk: Yeah. He let me try stuff.

Catherine Keener: Yeah. But he’s the, he’s amazing.

Bob Odenkirk: Well, my character isn’t all that funny.

SR: Yeah.

Bob Odenkirk: He’s kind of the straight line in the movie. I think we both are. I think Brad, one of the things that is amazing about his ability is to have that action movie happen. He wants you to be engaged like you are in an action movie. The stakes are high and it’s a real serious situation and then next to it is this family comedy that gets really loony and fun. So, with our part, particularly mine, I think I played, he’s an exuberant character.

Catherine Keener: Yeah.

Bob Odenkirk: And he’s a bit outsized, but he’s meant to be a part of the serious action part of the film.

Catherine Keener: Same. Yeah. Actually, it is funny because I was worried when I was doing it, when I was doing the recordings. I just thought, “Oh. I didn’t get it right. It’s not funny.” And then I realized I’m not supposed to be.

Bob Odenkirk: Right. Right.

Catherine Keener: It was nice to not have that oh-ness of having to fricking land some funny line all the time.

Bob Odenkirk: I mean, if I didn’t respect Brad so much I would have been goofier. [laughs]

SR: Sure.

Bob Odenkirk: But I totally thought he knows what he wants and this is what he wants and needs and I like playing a guy who was kind of a positive salesman energy. You know, Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul, he is so duplicitous and he’s, you know, this was a character who is a salesman, but he loved what he was saying and his love was genuine.

SR: Now with the Incredibles, it’s obviously a superhero story but it is also a great character study on family. Now, for anybody who hasn’t seen the film yet, can you guys talk about your relationship as brother and sister being a family?

Bob Odenkirk: Adult brother and sister. Different talents. Different focuses like a lot of, my two kids are loving to each other now that they are older. And yet, very different in their interests and the things that they like to do with themselves. Like my son likes performing and my daughter avoids all cameras.

Catherine Keener: Oh, that’s too funny.

Bob Odenkirk: You know, I think that they are like as a brother and sister can. They share something...

Catherine Keener: His charm...I’m sorry. I think so too. Because his character is a salesperson, but I think it’s an extension of your generosity with people and your how, I mean, not you in particular. You’re not like that.

Bob Odenkirk: No. Not me. I’m awful. Selfish bastard.

Catherine Keener: I mean, like how you’re inclusive and stuff like that and I think that’s something I could not, was not ever really good at. I was more awkward than that and I think that’s there some sort of secret. It’s something that I wish I had of his. It’s not a rivalry in that way. You know, I don’t want to be like him because I can’t be, but I can…

Bob Odenkirk: You know, a lot of times a brother and sister I think will define themselves as opposite of their brother or sister. So, if the sister goes he’s the gregarious social one, I am really really not and they don’t even make an attempt to grow those talents because that’s his thing. I know with my brother Bill, who’s a writer on The Simpsons and who came last night, he’s got a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Chicago.

Catherine Keener: Holy cow! That’s amazing.

Bob Odenkirk: He’s such a funny guy. And the day he finished his doctorate, he flew to LA to write on Mr. Show.

Catherine Keener: No!

SR: Oh wow.

Bob Odenkirk: And he’s worked in comedy since then. Never done any chemistry at all. A doctorate!

Catherine Keener: But that makes so much sense to me. I have to say.

Bob Odenkirk: But I asked him, “Why did you do that?” And he goes, “Well, your thing was comedy so I pushed away from that and didn’t even try and I got into science, which I could do which you didn’t seem to have any interest in.” So you can define yourself to such an extent that you can push yourself away from developing any abilities.

Catherine Keener: It’s funny. Yeah.

Bob Odenkirk: These two are like, “Oh. She’s the brains and the thinker and the plotter and I’m just…”

Catherine Keener: And I’m not going to compete for being liked.

Bob Odenkirk: Yes. I’m not even going to try.

Catherine Keener: I’m not going to try.

Bob Odenkirk: Cause he’s so liked and he likes people so much.

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