Check Out This Incredible, Working Iron Man Suit Made by a Fan

Iron Man fans will be left thinking anything is possible after seeing this amazing fan-made suit. Over the years, Tony Stark has done plenty of weird and wonderful things with his Iron Man armor, and although there have been the occasional Iron Man armor style missteps, such as that odd nose or exceptionally chunky boots, in general the Iron Man series has a long legacy of making its hero look incredibly cool.

As such, it's no surprise to see others trying to get in on the Iron Man armor action. Within the Marvel universe, a number of other characters have donned suits over time, with even The Punisher getting his hands on the War Machine armor to make Frank Castle even more lethal. However, nothing quite beats the fan-made Iron Man suits, and comic and movie fans have tried to recreate Tony Stark's designs plenty of times.

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Possibly the best example of this is from Wayne Berendhuysen. This Dutch cosplayer and prop maker extraordinaire has painstakingly created an Iron Man armor suit, taking inspiration from one of the suits seen in Iron Man 3. What's more, this armor suit takes things to extremes, with some incredible working parts.

Iron Man 3 Hall of Armors

Although - understandably - the suit can't fly like Tony Stark's, the level of detail is amazing. Its mask opens and closes just like the real thing, and it has both repulsor beams built into the arms and rocket boosters on its back. What's more, the suit's arc reactor even comes with a USB port, so any wannabe super hero can charge their phone while out fighting crime. Given the number of suit abilities Iron Man has only used once, this is definitely something that Tony Stark should take into consideration himself.

It took a lot of ingenuity, and a full six months, to get the suit working. Berendhuysen has fitted a 14-volt LiPo pack in the armor itself, and the various working parts are controlled by hidden switches within the suit's arms. The end result is definitely worth the effort, though, and the cosplayer has his eyes on a dream project - the Guyver 3 suit.

Of course, there's more to Tony Stark than simply the Iron Man armor, as seen by all those powers Iron Man has without a suit. However, it's a real testament to Marvel that the character's suit has resonated so much with fans over the years, and there are bound to be many more recreations in the coming years.

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