The Incredible Hulk DVD Cover


Hey guys, the cover for The Incredible Hulk 3-disc special edition DVD has been revealed. All you fans of the Not-so-jolly Green Giant take a peek inside and let us know if the cover is cool enough to be included in the hallowed ranks of your DVD collection.

Hulk-smashing epic? Or generic action-figure pose? You be the judge.

Now, if you have a good memory you'll recall all that controversy concerning Edward Norton bumping heads with Marvel execs over which cut of TIH should be released. Marvel wanted the leaner, more action-driven story we all saw in theaters, while Norton was pushing for a longer, more character-driven cut of the film. So will Norton's cut make it onto the DVD? (Three discs IS a lot of DVD to fill.)

Guess we'll have to wait and see when The Incredible Hulk DVD goes on sale. No word yet on the exact release date.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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