Dennis Haysbert Joins Ben Affleck & Matt Damon's 'Incorporated' at Syfy

Dennis Haysbert in 24

Any partnership between Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will typically conjure thoughts of their award-winning film endeavors. Having cultivated so much success on the silver screen, the superstars behind Good Will Hunting have now taken on the challenge of developing new projects for television through their production company, Pearl Street Films.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Syfy had given the greenlight to one of Pearl Street's projects, Incorporated, an espionage thriller from creators David and Alex Pastor (Selfless). The series takes place in a dystopian future where the powers of corporations have gone unchecked and centers on the actions of Ben Larson (Sean Teale, Reign), a man who stands in defiance of his own company, SPIGA.

Now, as production on the pilot nears, Deadline is reporting the series has begun to round out its cast with some recognizable faces, such as actors Dennis Haysbert (24), Ian Tracey (Wayward Pines), and David Hewlett (Stargate SG-1). The trio of newcomers will join existing cast members Teale, Julia Ormond (Mad Men), and Eddie Ramos (Teen Wolf). Haysbert will reportedly portray a character named Julian, a high-ranking SPIGA security official, while Hewlett and Tracey will portray businessmen Chad and Terrence, respectively.

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The pilot seems to have cast actors in roles that will play to their respective strengths. On shows such as 24 and The Unit, Haysbert established his ability to play authoritarian company men. As head of SPIGA security, he could use that strength to act as a significant antagonistic force against the hero Ben Larson. Similarly, Tracey and Hewlitt have strong pedigrees in the sci-fi genre, suiting their portrayal of characters who will likely feel at home in the world of Incorporated. However, at this early stage, the nature and moral tendencies of these characters has yet to be fully fleshed out, so their relation to the narrative remains to be seen.

Bringing in such familiar faces - and casting them in comfortable roles - could prove a smart move in winning over audiences to a high-concept pilot like Incorporated. The landscape for sci-fi television has certainly become a crowded, competitive affair over the last few years, and new pilots need ways of standing out. For example, by the time Incorporated hits screens, we will have already witnessed the premieres of pilots for Minority Report (which similarly explores the nature of an Orwellian future) and Legends of Tomorrow - which has the benefit of a successful TV superhero universe behind it.

That said, Incorporated is still in its infancy, and could win audiences over for any number of reasons outside of casting choices.

Incorporated is scheduled to begin production later this year.

Source: Deadline

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