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An inconvenient Truth (2006) poster art

While people often bemoan the state of modern movies, the documentary is booming, with more and more high-profile films making important, far-reaching points. In the past year alone there's been the likes of 13TH, O.J.: Made in America and I Am Not Your Negro (and that's saying nothing of the explosion on TV led by the likes of Making a Murderer). Of course, there have many great documentaries across the history of film, but the industry is now at a peak and perhaps none has been quite as successful - both in terms of commercial attention and in making its argument - as An Inconvenient Truth.

Al Gore's look at the threat of climate change cut through a lot of confusion over what exactly the effect of increasing greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere actually had on our planet, managing to shift public opinion and eventually having a major impact on political policy. Now, over a decade on, the former Vice President of the United States is back with An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, a follow-up that shows what's changed since the first movie and making a further push for renewable energy sources.

The trailer of the film has now been released, giving a better picture of the arguments Gore's making. Check it out above.

An inconvenient Truth (2006) poster art

Based on the trailer, it looks like An Inconvenient Sequel is a direct rallying cry from Gore to take action. He directly addresses the reaction to the first movie, highlighting how what were viewed as extreme predictions have now become all too real threats, before pointedly challenging President Trump's current stance on the issue. Along with showing the wider planetary effects, the film will hone in on the Paris Agreement, which set major sanctions for all UNFCC countries.

The film made its premiere as the opening film of Sundance 2017 where it was met with a standing ovation. Critical assessment was a bit more mixed, though, with a 72% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 25 reviews; some found it as wholly effective as the first, while others thought it lacked structure or purpose. Even those who weren't fans, however, couldn't disagree with the arguments Gore was making.

An Inconvenient Truth was a relatively large success, winning the Best Documentary Oscar and making almost $50 million worldwide (half of that in the US). Whether the sequel can match or better that is a tough ask - the film opens opposite The Dark Tower and Atomic Blonde, not that they offer much direct competition - but as with the first its real test is whether it will be able to instigate the same sort of conversation.

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