Fox Adapting Supervillain Graphic Novel 'Incognito'

Incognito movie being made by 20th Century Fox

Adding to the ever-growing slate of comic book movies is Incognito, the screen rights to which have just been acquired by 20th Century Fox. Deadline has the exclusive on the news.

The graphic novel series - written by Ed Brubaker (The Death of Captain America) and illustrated by Shaun Phillips - Incognito takes the well-trodden crime genre story of a mobster ratting out his boss, and merges it with the world of superheroes - or rather, supervillains. Here's the plot of Incognito as Deadline reports it:

The protagonist is Zack Overkill, a ruthless villain who is powered by super strength. He is caught and rats out his boss, The Black Death. He goes into witness protection. He’s given a drug to dull his powers and takes a normal guy job as delivering the mail. By the time he discovers that messing with certain drugs restores his power, he has developed something of a conscience. He becomes a vigilante and soon, his exploits become known to The Black Death, who is out for revenge.

Fox has acquired the screen rights to the series and already has lined up Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan (The Kentucky Cycle) to pen the script. Peter Chernin and his Chernin Entertainment venture will produce along with Circle of Confusion's David Engel.

Incognito movie adaptation

Looking at respective tales of crime and superheroes you might think the genres to be cliched or overdone. But blending the two ideas together makes for a very intriguing premise, and one I could easily see working on the big-screen. I've got in mind a sort of Watchmen and Goodfellas mashup, but that's coming from someone unfamiliar with the source material. Anyone who is familiar with it, feel free to let me know if that comparison is apt.

If you're interested, you can have a read of what Brubaker said about the premise and central character of his series over at Deadline.

What do you make of the premise of Incognito? Is it a graphic novel suited for the movies?

Source: Deadline (via Coming Soon)

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