'Inception' Viral Site Explores Dream Research

The latest stage of the Inception viral marketing campaign offers-up a video of director Christopher Nolan "researching" the film's core concept by speaking with scientists who study dreams.

The latest stage of the interactive game on Inception's viral website presents us with a video of director Christopher Nolan interviewing "dream researchers" on the thematic element of the film.

The video takes its sweet time to reward the patient viewer with more hints about the concepts within Inception. Still, the first few minutes give fantastic insight into the ideas about the origin of dreams and how we perceive them.

Give the entire video a chance, because the way these subjects speak about dreams, and the subconscious, is fascinating. What better context, than in preparation for one of the most mysterious films ever, to explore physiological theories and research?

The video comes a few stages into the game unfolding at Mind Crime. We recently showed you four new images from the film as well as the device used to access dreams in the film - the Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous Device (PASIV).

Now, you can work your way through the game's maze to find a poster with a note stating, "SEND TO CPT. DARREN BARTEL."

But you won't find the video right there. You've got to make your way to YouTube, where a simple search for the fictional captain reveals the viral video in a Cloverfield-like method of promotion.

Inception Dream Researchers Viral

The last leg of the video is where it gets especially interesting. But, halfway through, the mentions of flying in your dreams by the female researcher definitely hints at the possibility of some flying in Inception. Honestly though, I wouldn't expect it from Nolan.

"Once someone is aware they are dreaming, they can actively participate in the dream- sometimes even change it. Usually when you're aware you're dreaming, you wake up. But we have techniques that can train someone to stay in the dream and with enough practice one can stay in a dream for an extended period of time."

"[The military] took it one step further. If one can actively participate in one's own dreams, what would happen if one could participate in another person's dreams? The military calls this program 'Project Somnacin.' And from what I've heard, two or three subjects are able to collectively participate in one dream."

Give the video a look and see if you can decode it even further.


Who is to say much of the footage is not real research from Christopher Nolan? We don't have any proof that these people are not, in fact, real researchers in the science of dreaming - and clearly Nolan has done his homework on the topic. Either way, the video is a perfect example of what the film hopes to bring by balancing intelligence and creativity.

It's also worth mentioning that the video is edited together in a way that suggests somebody removed vital sequences. Maybe we will see the missing pieces later in the viral campaign? Maybe this is just another example of how good the viral marketing has been so far - leaving us wanting more. It's fascinating how engaging the process has been without giving away much of anything at all.

Inception - Leonardo DiCaprio with gun

It is strange to see Christopher Nolan actively participating in the video - which, as far as we can tell, is completely artificial and strictly for the purpose of viral marketing. In general, the director tends to stay away from openly participating in these types of modern promotional campaigns - but the upcoming summer blockbuster is calling for more face time from Nolan.

With great budgets comes great responsibility, perhaps?

Viral marketing is becoming an art form in itself. The Dark Knight and Cloverfield immediately come to mind as two of the most creative, as well as efficient, campaigns - and Inception is toying with the same ideas without becoming so involved that it's overwhelming. The Inception trailers have found a way to mix anticipation with mystery - leaving the viral sites to give the audience a chance to learn more.

It's tough to say what's next for the summer film, but the promotions are picking up steam, so the next trailer doesn't seem too far away. We've heard rumors of a new one in front of Iron Man 2 - though, given the fact the films are coming out of different studios, the speculation may be a long shot.

Inception releases in theaters and IMAX on July 16th, 2010.

Source: NolanFans

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