Footage From the 'Inception' Set (Plus How You Can Visit!)

Even if Christopher Nolan's upcoming mystery flick Inception has had its first teaser trailer released, it still feels like we don't know what the film is really about. Little tidbits of info about the diverse cast's roles (Leonardo DiCaprio plays a, "CEO type," for example) have been released, along with the much-repeated cryptic teaser line that the film is "a contemporary sci-fi thriller set within the architecture of the mind." Then came photos from the set of the movie, and heck even the (probable) plot was revealed last month.

But something about Inception still seems shrouded in mystery...

Adding to the set photos we have already, today we have three videos straight from the set of Inception. As you'll see in one of the videos below, apparently in Inception's world, (freight) trains don't needs tracks to run on. The other two show some off-screen gunfire (with the video taken from the rooftop above) and the start of what appears to be some sort of car chase sequence. Check out the three videos below:

EMBED-Inception Leaked Footage 01 - Watch more free videos

EMBED-Inception Leaked Footage 02 - Watch more free videos

EMBED-Inception Leaked Footage 03 - Watch more free videos

Just when you thought Inception couldn't get any stranger, a freight train goes rolling past in the middle of a city street! [Possible SPOILER ahead] Could this be part of a dream sequence? As stated, probable plot details were revealed recently, which claim the film involves entering and manipulating people's dreams, and a train going down a street in the middle of a city isn't something you see everyday in real life, so a dream is what I'm going to guess at [End of possible SPOILER].

Nothing all that exciting about the second and third videos - but hey, at least it's something, right? :P

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