Hans Zimmer's 'Inception' Score Will Release On July 13th

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The original score for Christopher Nolan's Inception will be available on July 13th, just three days prior to the film's release. Hans Zimmer has reunited with Nolan after their Oscar-snubbed collaboration (along with James Newton Howard) on The Dark Knight.

Zimmer's budding relationship with Nolan has been a treat for moviegoers. When the two worked together on Batman Begins, Zimmer's career was in no need of a boost. After The Dark Knight, the two proved a formidable team. Now, they can step away from the Caped Crusader and take on a new topic: the world of dreams.

Nolan's main composer outside of the Batman world has always been David Julyan. Even after Batman Begins, the two worked together again on The Prestige. Nolan has shown an affinity for the soothing, yet suspenseful nature of Julyan's scores. But it would seem, with the massive scale of Inception, choosing Hans Zimmer will be a good decision.

With Inception, the musical approach has been shrouded in the same secrecy as the film itself, but Zimmer has always been that way. He did open up briefly about the score, which also features Modest Mouse guitarist Johnny Marr.

"It’s a very electronic score. There is orchestra, but the electronics share an equal spotlight, and I also have Johnny Marr playing guitar. Besides Johnny and the orchestra, everything else stays virtual throughout the mix."

It sounds like the score is quite original, but I hope he recreates some of the electronic style heard in his own work on Sherlock Holmes.

Now, many track titles on film scores give away plot details - just look at the soundtrack for Public Enemies. Many of you are still trying to stay in the dark about Inception, so the initial reaction will be to look away. I can say the following track list appears to have NO SPOILERS. Some are even lines straight from the trailers.

1. Half Remembered Dream2. We Built Our Own World3. Dream Is Collapsing4. Radical Notion5. Old Souls6. 5284917. Mombasa8. One Simple Idea9. Dream Within A Dream10. Waiting For A Train11. Paradox12. Time

Head over to the Inception website to hear a sampling of what is rumored to be part of the score. It sounds like Zimmer's style and would definitely fit the tone established by the trailers.

Inception website

Almost every soundtrack Zimmer has released features one ridiculously long track in the range of 15-20 minutes. One can only hope he does the same here, but I am more interested in whether he and Nolan can rectify the Academy Awards sham from 2008. The film definitely has the Oscars in its sights, but we'll know in one month if the two can deliver.

Inception has generated plenty of buzz and anticipation, mostly due to the enigmatic approach to marketing. But another major force is the music associated with all three trailers. While it was not the work of Hans Zimmer, the booming notes became instantly associated with the film. Alas, the Inception trailer music was the work of musicians Mike Zarin and Zack Hemsey. The last time trailer music embedded itself this deep in the hype of an unreleased film was likely back in 1979 with Alien.

What do you think of the possibilities of the Inception score? Are you happy to see Zimmer and Nolan working together outside of Gotham City? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Inception will invade your dreams on July 16th, 2010.

Source: The Playlist

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