Inception and Predators Official Websites Launched

Inception Predators

Two of this summer's most anticipated films launched new websites this weekend. Both are pretty cool, but one aspect they share in common: awesome music. While the Predators website shares the plethora of character bios, videos and images, the Inception website is just as ambiguous as you'd expect.

Before we get deeper into the features of both sites, I want to take a moment to commend the music for both. The Predators site implements a wonderfully dark and haunting score that should fit nicely into the tone of the finished product. As the background images change, a nice whipping noise whooshes its way across the speakers. I can already see it as part of the final score.

The Inception website is another story. The trailers we've seen all possess fantastic music, but it's recently been uncovered that the trailer scores were the work of Zack Hemsey, whose own website provides the mp3 for only a dollar. If the music on the website turns out to be the work of Hans Zimmer, who will once again reunite with his The Dark Knight collaborator, Christopher Nolan, we are in for a treat. It is mesmerizing and constantly rising, but more importantly it feels just complicated enough to be the work of Hans. Still, I won't complain if it isn't, as the trailers and the music don't necessarily correlate.

Anyway, on to the website features. Predators has seen quite a bit of itself released through the Internet, thanks to 20th Century Fox's intelligent marketing campaign to prove to audiences it's not simply a continuation of the down-and-out franchise.

Predators website

On the front page you'll find three character profile videos and the trailer. Curiously enough, the "Story" page mentions Robert Rodriguez twice and nothing on director Nimrod Antal. The image gallery isn't anything special, but prominently features the cast minus one important creature ;-).

On the website you can also find some character wallpapers and icons, but the entire website revolves around the humans. In a film whose title character is not human, this is an interesting move. I guess they want the anticipation of seeing these creatures in action to continue to build.

Predators website

On the Inception side of things, it gets a little simpler, but also a bit more complicated, if that makes sense. What do you present on a website about a film whose main promotional tactic is to limit promotion? All the coy releases and limited revelations are tough to unravel if you are desperate to find out more. But it is also part of the excitement surrounding the film.

Inception website

The Inception website functions in all sorts of directions, literally, with menus going left, right, up, down and diagonal. But there isn't much of anything new to report. It is simply a sleek layout and easy to look at. There is a posters page, presenting the four posters we've shown you on a diagonal axis. Click the gallery page and you will find only one new image. Everything is in sparkling high definition and the overall look of the Inception website is pretty impressive.

There is also a link to the Mind Crime website, where many of the film's promotional materials first surfaced. It's actually a fun little game site where you create your own maze and must maneuver through a city that becomes your labyrinth. Trailers and posters are mixed in with the city's layout for you to uncover.

Inception website

Keep your eye on both websites as they have more materials coming soon. Inception has a downloads section coming in the future and the Predators site has three features in its own downloads section on the way.

What do you think of the websites? How about the music and the features? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Predators is set to release July 9th, 2010

Inception will unfold in theaters and IMAX on July 16th, 2010.

Sources:Inception Official Website & Predators Official Website

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