First (Revealing) Poster for 'Inception'


Christopher Nolan makes me redefine the word "revealing" when I use it.

Yes, there is a new official poster for Nolan's upcoming mystery/drama/thriller Inception; yes, it looks like something that was photoshopped together from a Dark Knight poster somebody had laying around; yes, it also looks like Leonardo DiCaprio visiting the set of 2012, but somehow, all of that is somehow more revealing than anything I saw in the Inception teaser trailer.

Did I mention we even have a nice little tagline to go on now? "Your mind is the scene of the crime."

The poster was "unlocked" by a savvy web surfer who stumbled upon a new viral game for Inception called "Mind Crime."  Our good friends over at First Showing have taken the time to figure the game out, so if you don't care about the SPOILER here's what you have to do:

The poster was found by first visiting the official website at: inceptionmovie. Once the top stops spinning, click it's top and you'll be taken to: From there click the button to the left and you'll be shown the mini-game called Mind Crime. In the game you have to design a maze (a complicated one) and then once it's finished and you click "play" it adds more maze pieces to the side and takes you into the city like you're a human inside someone's mind in the maze. Pretty crazy, eh? Once you finish you'll be given the "asset" of this first poster.

Go HERE to get started on the game. If all you care about is the poster, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

We already know from previous news that Inception will involve DiCaprio as "a CEO type" who runs a team specializing in implanting and removing thoughts from people's minds through an injection mechanism (BTW, is that a gun in Leo's hand or some sort of injection device?). In the world of Chris Nolan, you can be sure things get wild, quickly, and also that little will be what it initially seems. This poster certainly supports that notion.

Inception hits theaters on July 16, 2010.

Source: Inception Viral Site via  First Showing

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