20 New 'Inception' Images and Character Details

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Over the past week, we've seen a barrage of videos and images related to Inception. Now, Warner Bros. has released a batch of high quality photos and production notes that go into greater detail about each character.

The list of details has grown quite a bit lately, but Warner Bros. and writer/director Christopher Nolan have managed to still shroud the film in mystery. No matter what you've seen at this point, it's safe to say the minds behind the film know what they are doing.

Just the other day we gave you a handful of new images from Inception. Today, Warner Bros. has provided even more. All of them provide great looks at the production.

The more I see of this film, the more I think it deserves recognition at the next Academy Awards for Art Direction. Every set is so elaborately designed from the abandoned warehouse meeting space to the breathtaking Japanese dining room.

The following are 20 stills that present new looks at the upcoming mind-bender:


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