SR Pick: More 'Inception' Fan Posters

Inception lego

There is enough fan-made material regarding Inception to make your hallways spin, but today we've found even more: a collection of cool poster designs that one fan has gathered in one convenient location.

Without pulling all of the posters, I've picked a few of my favorites. They are all clever, although we've posted a few of them before.

While the artistry is top-notch, my personal favorite is the Lego hallway fight scene. Everything is better in Lego form and the same goes for Inception. Otherwise, there are a few wall-worthy posters in there, while others are simply humorous designs.

The artwork is reminiscent at times of our Super Hero minimalist posters, but expands on the plot of the film in a different way each time. Check out the few we chose to showcase:


Inception minimalist poster
Inception old school poster
Inception puzzle minimalist poster
Inception lego

Which poster is your favorite? Share your reasoning in the comments section below. You can head over to Lee Gustin's blog to see the rest of the posters.

Inception is still in theaters, but just finished its IMAX run. It has grossed just over $550 million in the worldwide box office so far.

Source: Lee Gustin

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