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[Warning: The following article contains Inception spoilers!]

Despite some backlash from fans and critics about the film not being the masterpiece some have hailed it to be, Christopher Nolan's Inception still continues to baffle and amaze audiences everywhere, striking that rare balance of intelligent filmmaking and commercial success.

Just one of the many things that has had movie fans fervently discussing Inception is the ambiguous ending. If repeated viewings didn't help and our own Kofi Outlaw's Inception explanation post didn't help, then you might have turned to making fun of the film's teetering ending to soothe your annoyance/confusion.

However, if you haven't thought of making light of the ending then don't worry, as the guys at College Humor have you covered. They've created an absolutely hilarious video that extends the ending of Inception and makes fun of the fact that we don't really know if the spinning top really did fall or just keep on spinning.

You can watch the College Humor video below:

I think College Humor has nailed it on the head. That exasperation sound of the crowd I'm sure is exactly what happened in theaters worldwide (it certainly did in the screening I was in). I'm betting more than a few people wished there was more footage to come after the cut-to-black ending, which would give a definitive answer - was Cobb dreaming or not?

Leaving things open to interpretation has always been a characteristic of Nolan's work, but I don't think it's ever been as open as it was with Inception. However, that was one of the things I loved about the movie - the fact that not everything was laid out on a plate for you (although some say there was too much exposition thrown in). It's a movie that makes you think and theorize and discuss long after the credits have rolled.

However, I can see where some people have been frustrated with and confused by the ending. One interpretation is that the whole thing was a dream, which understandably makes some people mad because it could mean that nothing in the story really mattered.

inception original idea

I personally believe that the spinning top just kept on spinning, however that only signifies (to me at least) that Cobb's dream was him meeting up with his children again, and that he was stuck in "limbo" after drowning (thus never waking up) in the van/second level of the multi-layered dream of the whole movie.

Does that make sense? :-P

Leave your thoughts on College Humor's funny extension of the Inception ending below.

Source: College Humor

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