'Inception' DVD/Blu-ray Details Revealed

Inception Limited Edition Briefcase Blu-ray

As Christopher Nolan's brainy blockbuster, Inception, approaches the $700 million mark in worldwide box office, details on the DVD and Blu-ray release have been unofficially announced.

I was thinking about this release just the other day and couldn't help but hope for a special edition silver briefcase version. Just to prove my prediction, here is my psychic tweet. It looks like dreams do come true (see what I did there?) as the Triple Play Limited Edition Briefcase will house the movie and some extra gifts for the consumers.

Inside the silver suitcase, which replicates the one seen in the film, is a spinning top "totem," movie art cards, a PASIV Device User Manual and three copies of Inception -  DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Copy.

As for the bonus features, there are only a few, but they sound appealing enough. Director Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio will host the Maximum Movie Mode, a unique Warner Bros. commentary that implements a more interactive behind-the-scenes look as you watch the film.

Included are "The Cobol Job" and "The Big Under," two digital comics that serve as prologues to Inception and expand on Leonardo DiCaprio's backstory leading up to the dream theft seen at the beginning of the film. There is also a documentary-style segment on dream research that should be similar to the viral clip released before the movie.

I definitely hope there is more than this in the behind-the-scenes department. Many fans will be supremely disappointed if there is no extensive footage of the creative process behind the creation of Inception. They released enough video before the film opened to suggest there is enough to fill up an entire 50GB BD disc. Nolan has graced fans with a healthy portion of behind-the-scenes features in previous home videos, so surely there is more to come.

One caveat: The source of this information is a British website, so this may all not exactly match the US release of Inception on Blu-ray and DVD.

Expect a more formal announcement on the home video release details soon, but this is the first explanation of what we can expect when one of the year's best films hits shelves. No date has been announced, but rumors have started on a potential December release (in time for the holidays, of course).


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