'Inception' DVD & Blu-ray Releases December 7th In U.S. [Updated]


[Update: The Inception Limited Edition Briefcase Set WILL be released in the U.S. - See Post.]

The most talked about film of 2010 is on its way to DVD and Blu-ray. Inception will release on home video in the U.S. on December 7th, 2010.

Details on the overseas release of a Limited Edition Briefcase Set came out just over a month ago. It is still unknown if that version will be available in the U.S., but you can at least get your hands on a DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Copy of Inception stateside in early December.

Update: If you're in the U.S. and are interested in purchasing the Inception Limited Edition Briefcase set then go HERE for details on purchasing it.

Topping out at just over $800 million worldwide, Inception's box office has been a revelation for brainy blockbusters. But the film inspired more questions than answers once the credits rolled. You won't get all the secrets of the film, but the special features on the upcoming home video will certainly address a few lingering questions.

The home video release will feature Warner Bros.' fantastic Maximum Movie Mode, aptly called Extraction Mode. It is not mentioned who will host the special mode, but it will give in-movie insights regarding the overall design of pivotal scenes. The rest of the supplements will give you a peek into the mind of Christopher Nolan.

  • Dreams: Cinema of the Subconscious: taking some of the most fascinating and cutting-edge dream research to-date on lucid dreaming, top scientists make the case that the dream world is not an altered state of consciousness, but a fully functional parallel reality.
  • Inception: The Cobol Job: now in full animation and motion, check out this comic prologue to see how Cobb, Arthur, and Nash came to be enlisted by Cobol Engineering and perform an extraction on Saito.
  • 5.1 Soundtrack selections from Hans Zimmer's score
  • Conceptual art gallery
  • Promotional art archive
  • Trailers and TV spots
  • BD-Live
  • Project Somnacin: Confidential Files: get access to the highly secure files that reveal the inception of the dream-share technology.

While these features are great, it'd be nice if there were more of them. Maybe Warner Bros. is holding out for a ultimate edition release with more features. Production companies are infamous for double-dipping with hungry home video fans - leaving some of the best behind-the-scenes footage for a second release.

It's also possible that Warner Bros. will be using alternative methods to share extra content. According to, consumers will have the opportunity to access extra features through a series of tasks on their mobile devices.

"Starting November 15, consumers can receive exclusive, never-before-seen Inception content on their camera-enabled mobile devices via Inception Snap Tags that will be placed on various Inception advertising materials. Consumers only have to snap a photo of the Snap Tag with their camera phones and send the photo via MMS to 95871 (for AT&T, Verizon, and Alltel customers) or as an email to to get a reward. Different rewards will be offered on a weekly basis until December 7, when the final reward offered will be tied to the Blu-ray Combo Pack."

It will be interesting to see how many consumers go to the trouble of accessing the extra mobile content. Considering the plethora of featurettes released prior to Inception's theatrical debut, there is definitely plenty of information that's not included in the home video release.

Are you going to pick this U.S. release up the day it comes out or will you hold out for a more detailed DVD/Blu-ray? Do you plan on accessing featurettes through a mobile device?

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