Close Look At The 'Inception' Pasiv Dream Machine

Pasiv device from Inception

Many of the mysteries of Inception will never be fully understood, but now we have an up-close look at the machine that allows the film's main characters to share dreams. The dream machine is an intricate device, completely realized by Nolan and his crew. I wouldn't be surprised if it actually works.

Technically called the Pasiv device, the briefcase that uses wires and sedatives to connect human beings into a shared dream space is better understood as the dream machine. In Inception we are briefly told that it was created by the military to enhance the training of soldiers without risking lives.

The film has multiple layers of detail that we helped dissect in our Inception Explained post. Detail went into every level of production, including the set design and props - the dream machine is considered to be both.

While the film never gives its audience an extended look at the machine, I took my camera right up to the protective glass at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con's Legendary Pictures booth. If there was ever a good reason for the macro zoom on a camera, this is it.

Check out Inception's Pasiv device:


Just inches away from the machine, I was tempted to hook myself up and see what my mind could create. But Legendary was smart enough to lock it up next to the white snowsuits from the mountain scenes.

Its a pretty cool design - one that you could almost believe works. What do you think of it?

Continue to check back for more videos of Comic-Con 2010. Inception is in theaters now.

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