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More news coming from ShoWest 2010 today involves the most enigmatic film coming up this year, Inception. Director Christopher Nolan has his cast and crew on one of the most efficient lockdowns in recent history, and it has left fans and bloggers alike scrambling for information. The slow unveiling of plot points has been tough to bear, but alas we get some more pieces to the infinite puzzle. Latino Review was at the scene in Austin and reported some scenes Warner Bros. presented:

"Leonardo and Ellen Page walking down a long hallway. A scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt telling Ken Watanabe about what it is Leonardo does. Another scene that looked like something out of a Modern Warfare game. Guys dressed in white military outfits battling on a snow capped mountaintop. One scene showed Ken in military gear tossing a grenade through a window. Another scene with Leo in a car filled with water."

I can't take it anymore! Every single bit of information that comes out about Inception is overloaded with awesomeness. It's just ridiculous how cool it all sounds. Nolan's $200 million passion project is going to produce exactly what is so great about film. One minute you'll be on a skyscraper rooftop and minutes later on a snow-capped mountain or watching a city fold over itself. It's unbelievable to see the depth of Christopher Nolan's mind and the way it operates. We are in the midst of one of cinema's most talented storytellers.

Christopher Nolan talks Inception at ShoWest

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Based on what most who saw the footage at ShoWest have said, the rumors and assumptions about who is good or bad and what they exactly do continues to evolve. Take a look at some snippets from Cinema Blend's experience:

"...the minute I started scrawling notes about people falling down snowy mountains, it was on to a scene of Joseph Gordon-Levitt floating in zero gravity and tying up a bunch of corpses."

"It's hard to describe much of the scenery featured in the movie, from the elevator opening into a room without gravity to the city folding up and falling into the ocean and Ken Watanabe's gorgeous office."

I'm sorry, what!? A city folding up and falling into the ocean? I never could have imagined that brilliant moment in the second trailer of a city folding could get any more bad-ass. Leave it to Nolan to continue to raise the bar. What's hard to imagine is how he can continue to wow us after showing so much of the amazing visual imagery. But have no fear, there is a lot we don't have the slightest clue about, and that mostly revolves around the storyline. If Nolan has one specialty, it is telling a complex, yet followable story that twists around plenty of corners and smacks you in the face on the way out. Cinema Blend mentioned one bit of development on where the story is going:

"Perhaps the biggest plot detail revealed is that Leonardo DiCaprio's investigator character isn't just using technology to jump into people's minds, but into their dreams... and it's up to him and partner Joseph Gordon-Levitt to stop them."

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It has also been reported that Michael Caine finally makes an appearance and looks to be a recruiter of some kind, having a conversation with Ellen Page that ends in, "Like job placement?" Still not much development on Marion Cotillard's role, and frankly, I am most anxious to know about her involvement.

Another massive day for Inception and those who can't contain their excitement, like myself. Still a few months away, you can expect another headline-grabbing, mind-blowing trailer to show up eventually. You can rest assured they will release it with the utmost care and respect for maintaining a mysterious and captivating promotional campaign. My respect for Christopher Nolan expands like a time-lapse of the sun exploding.

Inception is set to unfold theater seats on July 16.

Source: Latino Review and Cinema Blend

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