New 'Inception' Banners Are Epic

Four New Inception Banners

This week has been a gold mine for Inception fans. The film releases in just over one month and the advertising has only begun to kick into high gear. Virgin Media has four new banners for the film - showcasing the characters in the middle of some vast and mind-blowing imagery.

Just the other day, we noticed viral posters on the streets of Chicago. The marketing campaign has already utilized every available medium - and now these banners continue the trend.

The new tagline for Inception states, "The Dream Is Real." It may suggest the dream world in the film is directly linked to the real world. For instance, if you are punched in the dream world, you feel it in the real world as well. This would also suggest death in the dream world is death in the real world, a la The Matrix.

One banner shows Joseph Gordon-Levitt leaping from wall to wall in the rotating hallway we've seen in the trailers. But the other three provide a grand look at the massive scale of this project.

Inception Banner Joseph Gordon-Levitt

One shows the cast on the shoreline seen in the third trailer as a cliffside made of buildings crumbles beside them.

Inception banner cast cliffside city

Another banner features a variation of the upside down city street featured in a prior poster for the film. In the banner, the cast is looking at the street above, except for Leonardo DiCaprio - suggesting that DiCaprio's character is operating out of a different perspective than the rest.

Inception Banner Cast Upside Down City

That said, my personal favorite is the one with the cast standing on a rooftop observing a city rolling coiling over. The city has become a tsunami of roads and buildings, crackling its way over itself - but where will the city end up when it finally doubles over?

Inception banner cast folding city

The promotional campaign for Inception has little work left to do. They have maintained a veil of secrecy and curiosity, while consistently giving us nuggets of information. The visuals, and the director's track record, speak for the film itself - not to mention the   magnificent cast.

Yet, these brand new posters continue to provide audiences with inspired artwork and imagery to keep the anticipation rolling.

For full-size versions of the posters, head over to Virgin Media.

What do you think of the new banners? Think you'll be checking out Inception?

Inception opens on July 16, 2010.

Source: Virgin Media via Nolan Fans

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