SR Pick [Video]: How 'Inception' Should Have Ended

inception alternate ending parody

Hat tip to our reader "Jason" for pointing us (yet again) to the website HISHE and their latest alternate movie ending parody, this time skewering Chris Nolan's dream-heist thriller, Inception.

If you've seen our past HISHE posts, which have included alternate (and humorous) endings for movies like Avatar or TV shows like Lost, then you know what you're in for. If this is your first "How It Should Have Ended" experience, allow me to do a little set up.

Some films and/or TV Shows leave you feeling satisfied by the time the end credits roll, while others have you yelling "Boo!" at the screen. Whenever a movie or show penetrates the pop-culture membrane, there are always going to be three sides to the cultural response: those who loved it, those who hated it, and those who are indifferent. The great thing about that triangle: no matter if you love/hate/don't care, everybody can appreciate it when someone comes along to make light of the situation in just the right way.

I'll preface this by confessing that - for me at least - this isn't the best work HISHE has turned in. I always feel somewhat disappointed when these skits fail to live up to their namesake - "How It Should Have ENDED" - and spend more time focusing on pointing out holes in the movie's plot or premise. You'll see what I mean:


So yeah, it's fair to point out that other people's subconscious issues should have also leaked into the dream worlds where Cobb's team was trying to perform inception - but who hasn't already questioned or pointed out that plot hole? And with all the debate that was generated by Inception's ambiguous ending, you'd think the HISHE team would've been able to do more than just a quick reference to the ending after the skit credits had already rolled.

But, like anything else, parody videos by nature are hit or miss affairs.

If you want to really discuss the ending of Inception, then be sure to check out our Inception Ending Explanation post. Otherwise, what did you think of "Inception: How It Should Have Ended"? Was the parody a hit or a miss?

Source: HISHE

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