Inappropriate trailers and commercials

I have really, really had it with the packaging of mature subject matter with G and PG rated films. I took my 8 yr old daughter to see Princess Diaries 2 the other night which is rated G. What was one of the movies for which they showed a trailer before the start of the movie?: Alien vs. Predator!!!! This was a Disney movie for crying out loud!

Now I don't know about you, but I get angry when I take my child to a G-rated film, something that is supposedly "safe", and they show a trailer where she has to cover her ears and close her eyes. Nice moviegoing experience, don't you think? I complained to the so-called manager, who looked like he was still in high school, and he did apologize but said that it was how the movie comes from the distributor.

What bloody idiot is the person who is responsible for putting these things together?

I've seen trailers for PG-13 movies ahead of PG films as well. And I'm talking about salacious scenes with lots of suggestive stuff going on. Are the people in charge of deciding which trailers go with which movies getting some perverse pleasure from exposing kids to this stuff? It's really disgusting.

Of course the same goes for the commercials that are now shown ahead of the trailers... there was one a while back for some iced tea product which involved a skeleton walking into a seedy bar. The damned thing looked like it was directed by Quentin Tarantino. Again, attached to G-rated films. My daughter was terrified of skeletons for a couple of years thanks to that stupid piece of work. That's just one example, there are lots more with low cleavage and suggestive stuff abounding.

I find it really sad that I can't even take my daughter to a kid's movie any more without worrying about what will show up on the screen.

I went to the Disney site and managed to track down the email address of someone I could contact, for all the good it will do. If anyone knows where I can direct my anger constructively on this issue, I'd really appreciate it.

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