Since the ’90s, Sailor Moon has inspired young women to be whoever they want to be. Serena is not your typically graceful princess-warrior; she loves to eat sweets, play video games, and is constantly looking for romance. While Sailor Moon accomplishes this goal most of the time, sometimes they miss the mark. There were instances where Sailor Moon could have been better supported, where the message gets muddled, or where the show becomes down-right inappropriate.

While there have been several instances of the English dubbed version being more kid friendly, some moments were too integral to the story to be removed completely. It’s important to note that the ’90s English version was marketed and served to children in North America. The English dub was originally picked up by DiC Entertainment, and eventually Cloverway for the later seasons.

In order to market to children, these companies were known for making changes from the original Japanese Anime. Examples of these changes include altering the gender of some characters and removing blood and violence from the series. The focus here is on the ways that Sailor Moon is still relatively inappropriate for child audiences.

Here are the 15 Inappropriate Moments From Sailor Moon.

15. Sailor Moon Is Bullied For Crying

sailor moon crystal act 18 sailor moon crying in minakos arms 15 Inappropriate Moments From Sailor Moon

While the message of crying doesn’t solve your problems could have been intended, it is repeated so often that it could promote an unhealthy relationship with crying. Sailor Moon is constantly being berated with messages from her friends and family that she is a cry-baby.

Emotional development is something that should be celebrated. Telling people not to cry may sound like you’re helping them to get over it, but when we are talking about developing children or teens it’s important that they know that crying is perfectly healthy.

It is just one example of a wide range of emotions that are perfectly normal.Even if Sailor Moon cries a lot, she’s still out saving the world on a regular basis. If she wants to cry, let her.

14. Haruna’s Weird Relationship With Her Students

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Haruna has many personas; a middle school teacher, an inappropriate event chaperone, and a love-crazed woman. As Sailor Moon’s teacher,  it is a little strange that Haruna chaperones the girls’ blind date type events.

While she is right in saying that this could be dangerous, it’s a little odd that the school would sanction this activity. It’s more likely that Haruna simply wanted to go herself, as she spends much of the episode irritated that she did not receive an invitation to meet Tuxedo Mask.

Being jealous of the love lives of teenage girls is a little strange for a middle school teacher and even weirder when she insists to come along. Haruna should probably try a singles event instead of hovering over her students.