15 Inappropriate Moments From Sailor Moon

Since the '90s, Sailor Moon has inspired young women to be whoever they want to be. Serena is not your typically graceful princess-warrior; she loves to eat sweets, play video games, and is constantly looking for romance. While Sailor Moon accomplishes this goal most of the time, sometimes they miss the mark. There were instances where Sailor Moon could have been better supported, where the message gets muddled, or where the show becomes down-right inappropriate.

While there have been several instances of the English dubbed version being more kid friendly, some moments were too integral to the story to be removed completely. It’s important to note that the '90s English version was marketed and served to children in North America. The English dub was originally picked up by DiC Entertainment, and eventually Cloverway for the later seasons.

In order to market to children, these companies were known for making changes from the original Japanese Anime. Examples of these changes include altering the gender of some characters and removing blood and violence from the series. The focus here is on the ways that Sailor Moon is still relatively inappropriate for child audiences.

Here are the 15 Inappropriate Moments From Sailor Moon.

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15 Sailor Moon Is Bullied For Crying

While the message of crying doesn’t solve your problems could have been intended, it is repeated so often that it could promote an unhealthy relationship with crying. Sailor Moon is constantly being berated with messages from her friends and family that she is a cry-baby.

Emotional development is something that should be celebrated. Telling people not to cry may sound like you’re helping them to get over it, but when we are talking about developing children or teens it’s important that they know that crying is perfectly healthy.

It is just one example of a wide range of emotions that are perfectly normal.Even if Sailor Moon cries a lot, she’s still out saving the world on a regular basis. If she wants to cry, let her.

14 Haruna’s Weird Relationship With Her Students

Haruna has many personas; a middle school teacher, an inappropriate event chaperone, and a love-crazed woman. As Sailor Moon's teacher,  it is a little strange that Haruna chaperones the girls' blind date type events.

While she is right in saying that this could be dangerous, it’s a little odd that the school would sanction this activity. It’s more likely that Haruna simply wanted to go herself, as she spends much of the episode irritated that she did not receive an invitation to meet Tuxedo Mask.

Being jealous of the love lives of teenage girls is a little strange for a middle school teacher and even weirder when she insists to come along. Haruna should probably try a singles event instead of hovering over her students.

13 Sailor Moon is Made Fun Of For Her Poor Grades.

In Middle school, most students are still figuring out their strengths and weaknesses. Some of us flourish in math and sciences, while others may find a passion for history or communications.

There are many subjects that we can excel in while being poor at others, but Serena excels in saving the world, helping people, and keeping the universe in tact. It’s no surprise that sometimes she fails to strive for academic success - much like Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Chosen ones simply have little time for academics.

What differs between the gentle prodding of Buffy’s friends for her to succeed, is the blatant bullying Sailor Moon receives for a lack of academic prowess. While Serena may not be getting A's on her papers, she is still a strong, compassionate, and loving example of how women can save the world.

12 Tuxedo Mask's Weight Comments

While the Japanese version of the Sailor Moon opening theme may say this anime is about a miracle romance, sometimes the show falls short in delivering on that promise. No matter their size, most teenage and pre-teen girls think they are fat at some point in their life.

Serena’s friends get a bit of a pass for telling her that she’ll become fat if all she does is eat, while harsh it's also true. However, when her boyfriend says it, it’s too far. When rescuing Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask carries her away from danger and tells her rather brutishly that she's gained weight again.

The last thing a 14-year-old girl needs is to be body shamed by her boyfriend. Supposedly the reincarnation of her eternal love, you’d think Darien would love Serena the way she is — even if she has a few extra donuts.

11 Mercury Accidentally Flashes Jupiter

Perhaps one of the lightest of inappropriate moments on Sailor Moon surrounds Mercury falling over. When the middle-school student accidentally takes a tumble, Jupiter gets a view up her skirt.

Mercury was attempting to use one of her bubble powers in a tight alleyway when she falls face first with Jupiter right behind her. While this moment is certainly comical, it’s a bit odd when we remember that these are pre-teen girls. It may have been easier to simply cut this moment out than to explain to youngsters why it’s funny to see somebody’s underwear.

The expression on Jupiter’s face of complete shock is what seals this as both comical and inappropriate. This may only be squeamish to older viewers as kids will probably just think it’s funny.

10 Malachite and Zoycite’s Relationship Was Changed

In the Japanese version of the show Zoycite and Malachite are not a heterosexual couple, but are two men. This relationship was kept in-tact, but Zoycite was changed to a woman with longer eyelashes. While in the original version this was fine for children to watch, it was left out for American audiences.

In the '90s, gay television was far less prominent, but it makes you wonder if more kids could have been helped if homosexual relationships were normalized. Unfortunately, this may have led to the show being pulled completely since the landscape of the time was far more reserved than we are seeing today.

Regardless if it was changed or kept in-tact, this plot point serves as a conversation starter about gender roles, and relationships in general to children.

9 The Awkward Relationship Between Serena And Rini

When a little girl falls out of the sky, it's normal for your first reaction to worry that she’ll steal your boyfriend from you, right? While Darien does date younger girls, it’s highly strange that the show would insinuate that Serena is actually jealous of Darien’s relationship with Rini.

This is made even more confusing by the constant attempts of Rini to stop Darien and Serena from kissing. It doesn’t even make sense for the plot considering that if Darien and Serena fell out of love, or never met up in Crystal Tokyo in their future bodies, she would never have been born.

For a little girl that claims she misses her mother more than anything, it’s strange how often she berates Serena and clings to only Darien.

8 Fish Eye Kisses Tuxedo Mask While He’s Unconscious

While Fish Eye is supposed to be evil, it’s still quite inappropriate that a villain on a children’s program would kiss her unconscious victim, whilst he is tied up no less.

Since Fish Eye can’t persuade Darien to love her when he's awake, she’ll take the only option left-- kiss him while he’s incapacitated. In the Japanese version, Fish Eye is a gay man who dresses in drag. The english dub removed this detail, letting American audiences assume he was a woman.

There should be no confusion that Darien in no way consented to this action, whether Fish Eye believed he loved him or not. It was not until Tuxedo Mask was unconscious that he succeeds in his kiss, as the hero is seen earlier in the episode stating he doesn't want to kiss Fish Eye. No matter the reason,  nobody should be forced to kiss someone against their will.

7 Molly and Nephrite's Relationship

When villains change sides, there are a lot of lessons that can be learned. Sailor Moon has been a show that has predominantly taught children the lesson that people can be reformed and things aren’t always as they seem. This is usually an inspirational plot device that, when done well, can inspire forgiveness and understanding.

Unless of course it requires the villain to presumably fall in love with a 14 year old girl, when he is both an adult and trying to destroy Earth. While it is nice to see that the bad guys can redeem their humanity when they fall in love, the that Molly is only 14 adds a darkness to it that keeps Nephrite on the side of evil. Maybe they should have given this plot-point to Haruna, who clearly needed some love.

6 Darien Consistently Dates Middle-School Girls

While Darien and Serena's relationship is the focal point of the entire anime, it is their reincarnation arc that serves as the backstory for much of the series. Serena is not even the only under-age girl that Darien has dated.

He also dates Raye, who is a younger girl. Darien, despite living in an apartment and being toted as a college student, doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with dating Raye since she’s not his true love.

The series seems to portray that Raye is consistently pursuing Darien, and he doesn’t do much to stop her. Instead, it appears to Serena that Darien and Raye are going to become a couple.

5 Darien is in College and Serena is Fourteen

Serena, as princess of the moon, and Darien, as the Prince of Earth, were destined to be together for all eternity. If they really are meant to be together, why he couldn’t wait the four years until she’s 18?

Serena comments in one episode that her student handbook says this is not appropriate. In the anime, Darienis in college while she is in middle-school. For a show that spent much of its time ensuring that the English version would not be offensive, it’s a little odd that they didn’t alter the ages.

It wouldn’t have taken much dialogue to ensure that Darien was 17 and  Serena was 15. Taking just one year off of Darien and adding it to Serena's age would have prevented this plot point from being messed up.

4 Amara And Michelle Were Actually Lovers.

The company re-making Sailor Moon decided that the relationship between Amara and Michelle was inappropriate for '90s American kids. However, they did not change much of their on-screen actions, which included some very intimate leg touching.

This was made even weirder by the fact that the pair referred to each other as cousins. The loving relationship of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus is a beautiful love story that crosses galaxies, if it had remained in-tact that is. This could have been a great way to help LGBTQ teens  feel as though they were understood.

Instead, the American version took the safe and censored route. This is a very odd change, considering the two remain very close and intimate throughout the series. This decision has been widely disapproved by LGBTQ activists.

3 Rini Kisses Helios

Pegasus, or Helios the protector of the sun, lives in the dreams of Rini. She is depicted as being between 5 and 8 years old in the series. The manga does mention, in a rather confusing sub-plot, that Rini is actually over 900 years old — but this is never mentioned in the anime where she is an elementary school student.

It’s strange enough to to fall in love with a Pegasus, but another thing entirely to fall for an ancient being when you’re still a child. To clarify, Helios was charmed in to having the appearance of a Pegasus, so arguably it is just two ancient beings who share the kiss. While the depiction of the romance is limited there, it’s enough to make grown audiences uncomfortable.

2 Sailor Moon Gets Kidnapped And Tied Up

Prince Diamond is one evil dude. Not only does he incapacitate all of Sailor Moon's friends, he then kidnaps her for his own sick pleasure. Diamond then changes her clothes and lays her down on his own bed.

Prince Diamond is far more devious than other villains. He fully commits to trying to brainwash Sailor Moon into loving him. The show digs deep on the non-consensual relationship that Diamond pursues. The villain has a third eye of sorts on his forehead, which gives him the ability of Evil Sight. This is how he is able to hypnotize Sailor Moon.

Similarly to Fish Eye, Diamond is content to take what he wants despite clear indication from the other person that they aren't interested.

1 Black Lady and Darien Share A Kiss

Before Game of Thrones, Sailor Moon was already making controversial family relationships. If one thing is abundantly clear in the Sailor Moon universe, it’s that the writers have no clue how to handle the character of Rini. There is a sub-plot where a grownup and evil version of Rini exists as the Black Lady.

Even though Black Lady is a brainwashed version of Rini, it’s still a little odd that she has kissed the man who is her future father. While this only happens in a psychic vision in the anime, it's still an important part of Sailor Moon Crystal and the manga, where the actually happens.

Even when ignoring for a second that Rini was a child before the transition, it’s really creepy to be kissing your own father, even if it’s his past incarnation.


Did we miss any inappropriate moments from Sailor Moon?

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