15 Harry Potter Memes That Will Make You Feel Bad For Laughing

There's no group of people quite like the Harry Potter fandom. Known by many names, mainly as "Potterheads," it's a fandom that spans generations and cultures. With endless material to work with - 7 books and 8 movies along with many spin-offs, including the Fantastic Beast series - it's no wonder there's so much high quality Harry Potter content out there.

Of course, with great fandoms come even greater memes. While many of us discovered the Harry Potter series as children and grew up with the characters, it hasn't stopped anyone from making ridiculously inappropriate jokes that we couldn't forget even if we tried. There's no avoiding what the internet will do to even the most innocent of stories.

The Harry Potter fans are all grown up now, and their sense of humor sure does show it.

Here are 15 Inappropriate Harry Potter Memes That Will Make You Feel Bad For Laughing

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Harry Potter Butterbeer Meme
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14 Butterbeer

Harry Potter Butterbeer Meme

As a child reading the Harry Potter series, who wasn't jealous of the fact that 11 year olds were allowed to drink something called Butterbee?. The name suggests there's some alcohol in it, and it turns out that there definitely is. You would probably have to drink a lot of Butterbeer to get drunk, but it coudl still happen. Just look at Harry in this picture! Bad timing, or too much Butterbeer?

We could chalk this up to cultural differences - had Harry Potter been set in America, students likely wouldn't be legally buying or drinking any alcohol until they graduated. But England is another place, arguably a better place when it comes to drinking age laws.

Then again this is also a magical world, so the rules of "muggles" don't apply anyway.

13 A Good Place For A Bath

Harry Potter Good Place For A Bath Meme

To be honest, this is probably how Harry should have reacted when Cedric Diggory first told him to go take a bath with his Triwizard Tournament championship golden egg. As much of a family series as Harry Potter is, sometimes these memes just write themselves.

Why did Cedric think this suggestion was a good hint in the first place? Cedric's clue to Harry was unclear and creepy at best, and he's lucky Harry went to the bath at all after such a strange proposal. Was Harry going expecting to see Cedric waiting for him? Was he disappointed when nobody was there to greet him in the bath besides Moaning Myrtle? One of the worst movies of the franchise just got a bit more interesting.

12 Puberty Problems

Harry Potter Puberty Meme

Poor Voldemort - in his younger years known as Tom Riddle - has probably the worst transformation of anybody in the Harry Potter series. Neville Longbottom, on the other hand, kind of snuck up on us out of nowhere.

Neville Longbottom was blessed by the puberty gods when he grew up. In fact Neville - played by Matthew Lewis - had such an impressive transformation that the term "Longbottoming" became an overnight internet sensation. It's a term used to describe someone who has had a serious glo-up from childhood to adulthood.

Maybe these two transformations go to show that it pays off to be the nice, quiet, chubby kid. What's the use of being an all powerful wizard if you look like a noseless demon?

11 Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife

Harry Potter Hide Your Kids Meme

Should we be making fun of the most horrific and tragic deaths that literally caused all events of the Harry Potter series and are the reason Harry never had the chance to be a normal boy? No, we probably shouldn't, but there are no rules to memes, so here we are.

A viral video clip that came to be known as the "bed intruder" involves a man named Antoine Dodson who describes a criminal on the loose in his projects. Thankfully in real life nobody was hurt, but for Harry Potter's beloved parents, we can't say the same.

The lyrics are almost too perfect not to match up with Harry's situation - though in this case, the intruder was Voldemort and it didn't end so well for his parents. If only Dumbledore, or Antoine, could have warned them sooner.

10 Snape Is Ready

Harry Potter Snape My Body Is Ready Meme

What is Snape's body ready for? Better yet, who is it ready for? These are the kinds of questions we don't want to answer. This is possibly one of the most popular and hilarious of all the memes to come from Harry Potter, and believe it or not it's even better in GIF form.

As much as we don't like to think of Snape this way, he has some of the best material for inappropriate jokes. Too bad he couldn't put these kinds of moves on Lily when he was younger - maybe she would have chosen him over James Potter. But then we wouldn't have Harry, or maybe we'd have a much darker more brooding version of Harry - a Slytherin Harry!

9 What Goes On After Dark

Harry Potter Sleeping Ron Meme

The one of the greatest bonds in the Harry Potter series is, of course, the love between best friends Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. But never did we want to imagine a world where Ron is creeping over Harry in his sleep... or do we?

It only makes sense that Ron would know Harry's sleeping habits; they've been roommates for half of their lives together. Leave it to the internet to even make roommate situations weird. This meme would like to suggest something else, something we should probably never talk about again if we want to keep the innocence of Harry Potter intact.

What a different story it would have been if Ron and Harry found their way to each other in the end. Can we get a rewrite, JKR?

8 One Night With Draco

Harry Potter Draco Pick Up Line Meme

It's no secret that Harry Potter fans have a serious love-hate relationship with Draco Malfoy - played perfectly by Tom Felton.

In the Harry Potter books, Malfoy is basically Harry's nemesis (one of many) - that is until we realize that he's more than just a mean kid. Malfoy turns out to be more complicated than we are first shown, and ultimately ends up slightly helping Harry save the wizarding world.

When the movies came out, fans had a whole new set of problems on their hands - let's be honest, Tom Felton quickly turned into a very handsome adult. Even when Malfoy was at his worst, it became harder and harder to hate that beautiful face. It seems like the internet agrees, and that's why this Moaning Myrtle pick-up line is so wrong, but so right.

7 That's What She Said

Harry Potter Broom Meme

There are endless jokes that could be made about brooms, wands, or really anything of the same shape in the wizarding world. When Madam Hooch tells the first-year students to grip the broom tight when they mount it, a million "that's what she said" jokes rang out around the world. It's almost too easy. There are many more jokes to make here, but we'll leave it at this.

Sure, they could have used better wording, but these are children playing the roles of young witches and wizards in family movies! We shouldn't have to worry about innuendo, we should be enjoying the magic and purity of Harry's first year, right?

Turns out nothing is sacred these days, and now we will never be able to watch that flying class scene the same way.

6 Wingardium Leviosa

Harry Potter Wingardium Leviosa Meme

Must we superimpose these jokes on all the youngest versions of our favorite Harry Potter characters? According to the internet, we must. Here we have Ron and Hermione having a conversation that obviously didn't actually happen, but here it is all the same.

Ron and Hermione have the best love story to come out of the Harry Potter series. The smart, independent Hermione  is almost always grossed out by or rolling her eyes at goofy Ron Weasley. It's a match that makes absolutely no sense, until you realize how well they complement one another and how much they truly love each other.

We like to think of them as a happy couple and nothing more. We definitely don't want to think about what "gets Ron up." At least we know he doesn't need a spell for it. That's good, right?

5 Creeping Slytherins

Harry Potter Got Booty Meme

Those sneaky Slytherins, always living up to their name and sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. The only one sneakier and creepier than the Slytherin students is Argus Filch. He's always lurking around the halls of Hogwarts with his cat, looking for students he can catch in the act of breaking the rules.

Besides the fact that we should thank J.K. Rowling for never making this an actual thing that happened in the books, we have to wonder who it is they're checking out. Both Filch and the Slytherins were obsessed with getting Harry, Ron, and Hermione in trouble, but what if they were also just obsessed with them in general? Who "got the booty?"

We may never know what the creator behind this meme was thinking - probably for the best.

4 The Real Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter Slytherin To Your Chamber Meme

Where to begin with this monstrosity? Harry Potter fans are pretty evenly split when it comes to Snape - most of us love him, but only some of us can see things like this without cringing. Sure he's everyone's favorite "bad guy who was good all along," but relating Snape to anything sexual is just an entirely different story.

In this instance, the Chamber of Secrets is more of a metaphor and less of an actual chamber where Harry defeated the massive Basilisk. Technically the Basilisk did "slither in" to the Chamber of Secrets, so your imagination only has to go so far to realize what this pick-up line is insinuating.

We'll give this meme creator points for clever puns, but we will take away the same points for ruining everyone's childhood.

Harry Potter Hermione Changed Meme

It was a gamble casting the roles of the famous Harry Potter characters. The witches and wizards start at Hogwarts at the mere age of 11, so they were casting actors who would literally grow up in front of audiences. What if they grow 7 inches overnight? What if they don't grow at all? Even worse, what if they don't aren't as cute as adult as they were as kids?

Thankfully the cast was incredible from the first movie to the last. Each new movie felt like coming back to school, and every year the kids went through some serious changes. In this meme, Harry, Ron, and Malfoy are all appreciating the positive changes Hermione went through over the summer. We'll leave it at that - too much innocence has been lost already.

3 The Your Mom Joke We Never Wanted

Harry Potter Snape Lily Mom Joke Meme

This meme helps us imagine a world where maybe Lily and Snape got together after all, and after this joke, it's safe to say we're glad that's not the world we live in.

It may not be so far fetched - had Harry's parents survived, what if Lily and Snape ended up having an affair? If it was, Snape would be able to say endless "your mom" jokes to Harry. He probably shouldn't because Harry is his student, but in theory, and knowing the inappropriate way Snape treated his students, he definitely would have.

Sadly, none of this happened because Lily died when Harry was a baby, but jokes like this make it hurt just a little bit less.

2 Ron's Bad Pick-Up Lines

Harry Potter How Many Bones Meme

As tasteless as this meme is, it's practically perfection. Hermione is smart enough to know how many bones are in her body off the top of her head, and Ron is from a long line of Weasleys who live for making jokes at the expense of both themselves and others.

Of course this wasn't an actual scene in the movie, but even though it didn't really happen, it might as well have. We like to imagine these are the kinds of ridiculous jokes Ron would tell Hermione, probably causing her to wonder why she chose him in the first place, but still loving him all the same.

If these two taught us anything, it's that opposites definitely attract.

1 Watch Out For The Wand

Harry Potter Dirty Harry Meme

Last but not least is the infamous Dirty Harry meme. The meme we never asked for, but the internet continues to give us all the same.

There are countless versions of this meme out there - some more suggestive, like this one, others downright terrible. If you ever feel like wasting an afternoon while ruining your childhood, just look at these.

Take Hermione's signature face of disgust, and the endless jokes that can be made with innuendos and the wizarding world, and you have the most famous Harry Potter meme of them all. It's easier to laugh at Hermione and Ron memes, but Hermione and Harry? That's just a whole different level of not okay.

Even Ron agrees, scowling in the background. Please save your girlfriend from this mess!


Do you have any hilarious Harry Potter memes to share? Leave them in the comments!

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