15Persona 5 - Teacher/Doctor

The Persona series has allowed the main character to romance many people in their life, which has a direct effect on the gameplay. You are encouraged to pursue your classmates' affections, as it will allow you to summon more powerful Personas in battle.

The protagonist of Persona 5 was allowed to engage in romances that would

be considered highly inappropriate if they became public. This is because he can date (and sleep with) his teacher and doctor.

Tae Takemi is the protagonist's physician. You can help to uncover a plot to discredit Takemi, which will convince her that she wants to play doctor with her sixteen-year-old patient.

Sadayo Kawakami is the protagonist's high school teacher. The main character finds out that she works as a maid on the side. You can decide to help free her from people who are extorting money from her and she can teach you to appreciate Van Halen songs as a reward.

The age difference is a huge factor in making these relationships seem inappropriate, but the biggest issue is that both women are in a position of authority over a teenager, which would certainly cost them their careers if the relationship came to light.

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