15 Creepiest Relationships In Video Games

There are some video games that turn romance and affection into just another score that you need to raise in order to increase the levels of your relationships. This kind of mechanic is popular in the games produced by Bioware and Atlus, as you can often romance your party members. These love mechanics are popular with some gamers and totally ignored by others.

The object of your affection in video games is generally a consenting adult with whom your relationship isn't going to break any laws. However, not all games follow this formula, as some developers want to push the envelope and shock their audience. This leads to romantic situations that would be highly inappropriate in real life.

We are here today to look at the most disgusting and wrong romantic relationships that can be pursued in all of video game history-- from the teacher and doctor who can't help but touch a troubled teen to the most cheerful family time you can image.

Here are the 15 Creepiest Relationships In Video Games.

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15 Persona 5 - Teacher/Doctor

The Persona series has allowed the main character to romance many people in their life, which has a direct effect on the gameplay. You are encouraged to pursue your classmates' affections, as it will allow you to summon more powerful Personas in battle.

The protagonist of Persona 5 was allowed to engage in romances that would be considered highly inappropriate if they became public. This is because he can date (and sleep with) his teacher and doctor.

Tae Takemi is the protagonist's physician. You can help to uncover a plot to discredit Takemi, which will convince her that she wants to play doctor with her sixteen-year-old patient.

Sadayo Kawakami is the protagonist's high school teacher. The main character finds out that she works as a maid on the side. You can decide to help free her from people who are extorting money from her and she can teach you to appreciate Van Halen songs as a reward.

The age difference is a huge factor in making these relationships seem inappropriate, but the biggest issue is that both women are in a position of authority over a teenager, which would certainly cost them their careers if the relationship came to light.

14 Fire Emblem: Fates - Bluth Edition Cousins

Fire Emblem Fates comes in three editions that each have their own stories based on which faction the main character sides with at the start of the game. In all three editions, the one character who remains loyal to him is Azura, the Songstress who has the ability to use music to revert Corrin back to his human form when he loses control and transforms into a dragon.

In all three editions of Fire Emblem Fates, the male version of Corrin can romance Azura and take her for his wife. It is also possible for the two of them to have children. Corrin can do this with most of the female party members that join him in the game.

The problem with Corrin and Azura's union, though, is that they are both revealed to be cousins. This means that the future heirs to Corrin's kingdom are going to be inbred.

13 Fallout 3 - Pheromone Love

It's possible to encounter three powerful monsters in the wastelands of Fallout 3 called Ant queens. These are like boss monsters due to their large amounts of health and their ability to spit a powerful acid. The Ant queens drop an item called Ant queen pheromones, which give you a huge boost to your charisma for four minutes, whilst also lowering your intelligence and perception.

There is a quest in Rivet City that involves the Ant queen pheromones. A woman named Angela Staley needs them, as she wants to seduce an acolyte named Diago. If you help Angela, then she will use the pheromones to sleep with Diago. This will cause him to leave the church and marry her. You essentially help a girl drug a man into giving up his beliefs.

It appears as though the people at Bethesda might approve of this method of seduction, as you will gain positive karma for completing the quest.

12 Resident Evil: Code Veronica - Clone Twin Romance

The Umbrella Corporation has some funny ideas about what is going to make money. Was there really a huge market for zombies and uncontrollable monsters that they were hoping to fill? They must have spent billions of dollars on creating facilities that produce awesome video game monsters... but not much else.

It was due to Umbrella's meddling in nature that the Ashford twins were first conceived. They were created in an effort to create a clone of Veronica Ashford, who was one of the founders of the family. The embryo split in two, which inadvertently led to a set of twins: Alfred and Alexia.

Resident Evil - Code: Veronica highly suggests a romantic relationship between the two. The official novel also makes it clear that Alfred has inappropriate desires for his twin sister. Alfred goes mad when he has to live without his sister, as she asks to be put into cryogenic sleep. This causes Alfred to start dressing and acting like Alexia, which has confused many players during their first playthrough.

11 Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Human/Pokémon Marriage

Pikachu And Ash In The Animated Movie Pokemon:The First Movie Photo Pikachu Projects

The Pokémon franchise has had to endure censorship across all forms of media. The Pokémon anime, video games, comics, and movies have all faced edits when brought overseas.

One of the most disturbing things that ever needed to be censored in a Pokémon video game happened in Diamond & Pearl. You can visit the Canalave Library during your journey throughout Sinnoh and read books about the history of the region.

In the Japanese version of the game, one of the books states that humans and Pokémon used to marry each other in ancient times due to the fact that they were considered to be equal. This line was changed in the international versions to say that humans and Pokémon used to eat at the same table as equals.

It's odd that Game Freak would include a line that could be read as confirming that sexual relationships once occurred between humans and Pokémon. They must care more about the strange DeviantArt fans than we ever realized.

10 Conception II: Children Of The Seven Stars - Teen Baby Army

There are a lot of games that include inappropriate scenes between characters. These games rarely bring up the issue of birth control or pregnancy, which is usually linked to timing.

There is one game that revels in the prospect of knocking up a teenage girl, whilst also managing to do it in the most JRPG and creepy way possible. Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars has you play as a teenager named Wake, who attends a school for monster hunters.

The main purpose of the game is for Wake to increase his relationship values with the teenage girls at the school so that they can "classmate" with each other. Classmating involves showing the outline of the girl's naked body. The process of classmating creates tiny Star Children who are formed from dolls. You then use these Star Children as party members as you fight through dungeons.

The whole process of classmating with teenage girls is done in order to create baby fighters, clerics, and wizards to use in dungeons might be one of the creepiest mechanics in video game history.

9 City Of Heroes - Fulfilling Grandpa's Desires

City of Heroes was an attempt at creating a superhero MMO. It ran for eight years, before shutting down in 2012. City of Heroes tried to become a legitimate superhero franchise, which involved comic book tie-ins and large events at conventions.

In the City of Heroes lore, there is a mirror universe which is filled with villainous equivalents to the main heroes of the game. The Statesman is now opposed by the Tyrant, who rules over the Earth with an iron fist. The Tyrant has a granddaughter called Dominatrix, who acts as the evil opposite of Ms. Liberty.

The inappropriate relationship is something that first occurred in the City of Heroes comics, which were written by people who weren't familiar with the lore of the setting. According to the comics, the Dominatrix serves the Tyrant in "all capacities." It seems that the writers aren't aware of the fact that Dominatrix is Tyrant's granddaughter, which led to the image that you see above.

8 Jade Empire - Cousin Throuple

Jade Empire might be the least-known of Bioware's RPGs. This is because it started out as an exclusive title for the original Xbox. A PC version came out two years later, but it was too late for the game to find the audience it deserved. Jade Empire is an excellent game and can be seen as a precursor to the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series.

You have several possible romance options in Jade Empire. The two that the game pushes on the player are Silk Fox and Dawn Star. The two of them even have a rivalry at the start of the game for your affections. It is possible for them to overcome these negative feelings, so long as you keep delaying your answer over which one your heart belongs to.

It's also possible (though very difficult) to convince both women that you love them. This will lead to you having a threesome with both Silk Fox and Dawn Star... who both happen to be cousins. The player can end up continuing in a polyamorous relationship with both of them.

7 Skyrim - The Street Fighter Proposal

The world of Skyrim might be getting ravaged by dragon fire, but that doesn't mean that there isn't room for romance. It's possible to present the Amulet of Mara to a suitable mate, which is the Skyrim equivalent of dropping to one knee and pulling out a ring.

The men and women of Skyrim have different requirements when it comes to accepting a proposal: some of them are happy with a partner who will bring them firewood, while others need you to complete a quest for them. You can then tell cute stories at dinner parties about how you met when she needed someone to kill twenty dire rats in her cellar.

However, there is one lady in Skyrim who has an unusual requirement before accepting a proposal. Uthgerd the Unbroken will only marry you if you manage to beat her up first. You have to wager a hundred gold pieces and then smack Uthgerd in the face until she admits defeat. You can then propose to her, which she will gladly accept.

In fairness to Uthgerd, there are several men who will only marry a female player who can beat them in a brawl. The BDSM scene must be a lot bigger in Skyrim than anyone knew.

6 Indigo Prophecy - Loving The Dead

Indigo Prophecy is the name given to the American release of Fahrenheit: an action-adventure/interactive movie about a man named Lucas Kane, who possesses supernatural powers. Lucas murders a man in a diner after he becomes possessed by an unknown force. It is up to the player to uncover the mystery behind Lucas' actions.

One of the other protagonists of Indigo Prophecy is an NYPD officer named Carla Valenti, who pursues Lucas throughout the game. The two of them eventually team-up and fall in love with each other. This culminates in the two of them hooking up near the end of the game.

What makes the union between Lucas and Carla so inappropriate is that he is an animated corpse when the two of them copulate. Lucas dies during the course of the game and is brought back to life, but not in a "basically the same as before he died" way like Jon Snow. Instead, Lucas is now a walking corpse, who doesn't radiate body heat at all. Carla essentially has sex with a moving corpse.

5 Fire Emblem: Fates - Tricking Lesbians

That's right, Fire Emblem Fates makes the list twice. Corrin impregnating his cousin isn't the most inappropriate thing to happen in the game.

One of the recruitable party members in Fire Emblem Fates is a mercenary named Soleil. She shows a strong attraction towards the female party members, though she is unable to properly express her affections due to how nervous she gets.

A male version of Corrin can romance Soleil, which requires the use of a magic powder that makes her see women as men and men as women. Soleil becomes attracted to Corrin while under the effects of this potion, which continues after it wears off.

There was some backlash against this scene when clips from the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Fates started appearing on YouTube, as many felt that the scene reflected modern gay conversion therapy.

This caused Nintendo to change the scene for the international versions of the game. This was changed to a scene where Corrin blindfolds Soleil and they perform visualization exercises. Soleil just falls for you anyway, even though she still likes girls.

4 Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town - Kappa Is A One Second Man

The Harvest Moon series is often credited with creating relationship values as we know them. You could romance the girls in the SNES version of Harvest Moon by giving them gifts. This feature made it into most of the following Harvest Moon games, which included being able to romance guys in the games where you played a girl.

By far the creepiest romance option in any Harvest Moon is the Kappa. As the name suggests, the Kappa is a green sea monster with a friar haircut, as he is supposed to have a basin of water in his head.

It is possible to romance the Kappa in Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town by fulfilling certain requirements, such as collecting the nine Kappa Jewels. The Kappa will accept your proposal, though he will only show up at certain special events. You are then happily married to a sea monster, as if Alan Moore was writing the story.

It is also possible to have a baby with the Kappa. He just shows up one morning and says "...You, pregnant" and boom, you're suddenly knocked up.

3 Shin Megami Tensei II - Reusing The Womb

The Persona games might be including creepy relationships in modern games, but the Shin Megami Tensei series that it spun-off from has been doing it since the early '90s.

Shin Megami Tensei II stars a teenager named Aleph who has no memories of his past. He is revealed to be the Messiah of the human race. Aleph has the ability to determine the fate of mankind, depending on the decisions he makes and the path he chooses to walk.

It is revealed that Aleph is an artificial life form. He was created by the Messiah Project in order to hasten the end of the world. Aleph discovers that his female companion throughout the game, Hiroko, was used as part of the project. Hiroko's father was one of the organizers of the Messiah Project and he used her womb in order to conceive the child. This makes Hiroko Aleph's surrogate mother.

Depending on which ending you get, it is possible for Aleph and Hiroko to become romantically engaged. It might be up to them to rebuild mankind once the gods of old are gone, which means that Aleph will be using Hiroko's womb for the second time.

2 Viva Piñata - Keeping It In The Family

Rare's output has been pretty bad since they were purchased by Microsoft. The games they made for the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 are ranked among the best of all time, yet they now seem content to put out titles like Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Kinect Sports.

One of Rare's best-known games since being acquired by Microsoft is Viva Piñata for the Xbox 360. This was a game that was similar to Animal Crossing, in that you needed to care for a community of Piñatas.

Viva Piñata has since become infamous for the breeding mechanics. It's possible for two compatible Piñatas to perform a romance dance, which can lead to an egg. The game doesn't actually keep track of whether any of the Piñatas are related, due to the fact that they are genderless. This means that you can make grandparents breed with their grandchildren, uncles breed with nephews, and brothers and sisters can make offspring of their own.

You can blame Nintendo for this atrocity being created, as they didn't buy Rare when they had the chance.

1 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines - Addicted To Blood

There is a tabletop RPG called Vampire: The Masquerade where the players all play as vampires. In this game, it is possible to turn a human into a ghoul. This involves feeding them some of your blood.

The vampire blood acts as a powerful drug, which grants the mortal limited superpowers and slows down their aging... so long as they keep drinking the blood. This allows vampires to essentially enslave humans by making them addicted to their blood.

In Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, the player can encounter a dying woman named Heather Poe in the emergency room of a hospital. You can save her life by giving her some of your blood.

Heather will later track you down and offer to become your slave. The player can keep Heather as a pet in their apartment. You can make her dress in one of several different outfits and use her for blood whenever you choose. She is a slave to the taste of your blood and the player is free to abuse her in any way they see fit.


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