Stephen King & Joe Hill’s In The Tall Grass Gets a Poster & Release Date

Stephen King's In The Tall Grass Netflix Still

Netflix has unveiled a poster and the official release date for its adaptation of In The Tall Grass. The story revolves around a brother and sister who, upon hearing a young boy's cry for help, venture into a field in Kansas only to discover there may be no way out - and that something evil lurks within the tall grass. Written by Stephen King alongside his son (and fellow best-selling novelist) Joe Hill, the novella was originally published in Esquire magazine back in 2012. The film, however, is set to be feature-length and will be helmed by Splice and Cube director Vincenzo Natali.

King adaptations are, once again, all the rage, with IT Chapter Two currently terrifying audiences in theaters. A number of other big-screen adaptations are also on the way, including Doctor Sleepwhich follows a grown-up version of The Shining's Danny Torrance as he once again tackles malevolent forces.  Starring Ewan McGregor in the lead role, the film recently unveiled its final trailer earlier in the week. The small screen also won't be without its share of King's popular blend of horror and human drama. A CBS All Access adaptation of The Stand is currently in the works and recently cast Alexander Skarsgård as frequent King villain, Randall Flagg alongside James Marsden, Amber Heard, Greg Kinnear, and more.

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Netflix has now unveiled fresh details for In The Tall Grass. According to an official press release, the movie will premiere via the streaming service on October 4. They have also released a fittingly haunting and disorentating poster for the film. The film will star Aquaman's Patrick Wilson. Alongside him, the film will feature Laysla De Oliveira and Avery Whitted as the set-upon siblings, Becky and Cal, respectively. Harrison Gilbertson, Rachel Wilson, and Will Buie Jr. will round out the rest of the cast. Check out the official poster in the space below:

In the Tall Grass movie poster

The film will actually be the third of Netflix's original films to be adapted from the works of the acclaimed horror maestro. Gerald's Game - a claustrophobic tale of a woman (an impressive Carla Gugino) left trapped, alone and handcuffed to a bed, when her husband suffers a heart attack during an attempt to spice up their marriage - was released in 2017. Later that same year, Netflix released 1922, a Thomas Jane-starring psychological thriller about a rancher who, along with his hesitant son, conspires to murder his wife for financial gain. Both were widely praised by critics, audiences, and even King himself, so it makes sense that the streaming service would seek to extend the streak.

The adaptation of King properties have generally been hit and miss. For every raging success like IT, there are stark disappointments like The Dark Tower. That could go double when it comes to stretching out a relatively short story. Then again, the singular setting could actually help offset that fact and give the film a real-time thriller aspect. Such a tactic would go well with the elements of claustrophobic horror demonstrated by the poster. Whatever the case, given Netflix's success at bringing previous stories to life, they have definitely earned the benefit of the doubt.

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In The Tall Grass premieres globally on Netflix on October 4.

Source: Netflix

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