Impulse Full Trailer: YouTube Red’s Jumper Series Reveals Some Fantastic Powers

YouTube Red follows up news of the season 2 renewal of Cobra Kai with a full trailer for the upcoming teen sci-fi thriller Impulse. The series is executive produced by Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow (or Live. Die. Repeat., if you prefer) director Doug Liman, and is a follow-up of sorts to his 2008 film, Jumper. 

Apart from teens with the power to teleport, Impulse doesn’t appear to have any immediate connection to Jumper, which is just as well, seeing as how this new series trades the action-adventure angle of the original film (itself an adaptation of the 1992 novel by Steven Gould), for a dark and moody thriller with an intriguing science fiction angle. That angle will follow Henrietta ‘Henry’ Cole (Maddie Hasson) as she adjusts to a new town and the extraordinary abilities she doesn’t understand and cannot control. 

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The new trailer offers up plenty of details as to what the new series will be about and the ground it aims to cover in its first season. It also delivers on the show’s dark tone (underlined by a slow, moody remix of Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass,’ which, overused device in trailers aside, is still fairly effective), as it looks to expand far beyond teleporting teenagers to tell a tale of small-town crime and, hopefully, investigate the mystery of David James Elliott’s sideburns and why it's so easy to mistake him for Will Ferrell in a shot near the end of the trailer . 

Maddie Hasson Impulse

But while the trailer goes to great lengths to demonstrate how the show will be about much more than its sci-fi premise, it nevertheless explores the phenomenon of Henry’s teleportation from an unexpected angle. Instead of offering her the freedom to go anywhere she choses — as was the case with Liman’s globetrotting adventure — Henry’s abilities tend to be brought on by seizures and cause a not-insignificant amount of damage whenever she warps off somewhere else. Henry’s teleporting appears to be the inciting incident of the series, as her efforts to escape a sexual assault by a young man named Clay leaves him in a coma and his family — headed up by Elliott — eager to find answers to what caused his condition. Unsurprisingly, it appears Clay and his family are involved in some even more unsavory dealings, putting Henry further in harm’s way.  

The result is a sharp-looking sci-fi drama with what appears to be a budget to match. The special effects are sparing for the most part, but when they’re on screen they do look impressive. In all, it looks like Impulse may be another success for YouTube Red in 2018. 

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Impulse season 1 will be available to stream in its entirety on Wednesday, June 6 on YouTube Red. 

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