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Impractical Jokers

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Even though TruTV has yet to renew Impractical Jokers for a second season, it's but a mere press release away from happening. With that, we spoke to series stars Joe Gatto and James Murray about where they'd like to take the series in the future.

Making sure not too stray far away from what everyone loves about Impractical Jokers, Sal Vulcano, Joe, Murr, and Brian Quinn makes sure to note that they're going to try and focus on making their great show even more so.

Thanks to the popularity of Impractical Jokers season 1, it may be much easier to for them to do just that:

Murr: My feeling is that in season 2, we're just going to work on making it edgier and funnier – pushing the boundaries in more. More clever scenarios that you've never seen in season 1. I think we'll have even better locations. We had some amazing locations in season one, but now that the show is on the air and people love it, I think we'll have more amazing locations in season 2 that are like "Holy cow! How did they get to film there?"

On top of upgrading the challenges for season 2, Joe says that viewers may also get more of a behind-in-scenes look at the Impractical Jokers:

Joe: I think people would like to see our relationship more – us being friends in real life, messing with each other. Not necessarily in the challenge capacity, but maybe in the pre-challenge, when we're getting ready to do something, or even go behind-the-scenes to hang out with us there a little more.

In the shoe store, we put in of these moments that people have really taken to - the chapstick moment, where Murray tries to borrow Sal's chapstick from him, and they get in a little tete-a-tete about it. It's just friends being friends, but I think people like to see our relationships that way.

Impractical Jokers Season 2

And after pillow fights in IKEA, massages on the boardwalk, and medieval tales about the Castle of White, everyone is wondering where exactly the Impractical Jokers may show up next. In season 2 everyone may have to wonder - because the Impractical Jokers could be coming to your town… perhaps with a guest?

Murr: In season 2 we may travel a little bit – get outside of New York City a little bit more, to see what it's like to do a challenge on "Main Street USA," in a town somewhere. That might be fun.

And who knows, we might have a celebrity guest or two, in season 2, to make a little appearance in a challenge. It would be fun to tell a celebrity what to say or do.

Will Impractical Jokers be great outside of New York City? Who knows. But I, for one, am excited to see what happens. And if Joe, Sal, Murr and Q thinking that a certain celebrity or two is funny enough to pull it off, I will happily sit back and laugh. Yanni is hilarious.

When it comes to Impractical Jokers, it's hard to complain or find fault in any plans that Joe, Sal Murr and Q may have for the series in season 2. Even if you're not a fan of celebrities showing up in Impractical Jokers, or you'd rather the series stay in New York City, or you're just that b*** Irene, the series as a whole not only reinvented what a hidden camera series could be - it also continuously evolved itself throughout its first season.

Of course, if you REALLY have a problem with Yanni trying to make his Impratical Jokers debut, Murr sets the record straight:

Who knows… These are things we may do in season 2.

If you still can't get enough of the Impractical Jokers, check out The Tenderloins website, as well as The Tenderloins Podcast on iTunes.

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