So, you guys hit a lot of the states here. Was there a city that you particularly really loved filming in?

I loved Atlanta. I love America a lot… We’re filming in really, really exotic places to me. I mean Moab, Utah, where going to go in a couple of weeks and I find that slightly extraordinary. I’m going to have to get over my neurosis and maybe try to go skydiving or something like that, maybe, but we’re seeing exquisite things. The car is quite hot, but worse things have happened, so we’re kind of just dealing with it, but Atlanta was really fun. There’s a great music scene there. San Francisco, coolest place ever. Mendocino, beautiful wine town. That was fun, very fun. It was good to get out of Mendocino, because otherwise it would be perpetual hangovers.

One thing about the film that we kind of pieced together is that you and Aaron are coming from two very different perspectives on car culture. What’s that dynamic like, when you read the script, was that something that excited you about the movie?

It was for sure. Anything that is going to be different. Anything that’s going to be exciting to search for more than on the page and I think on the page there was already that kind of divide between them, so you have to take that and run with it. Really, it’s a large amount of time, in terms of the movie, it only takes place over a couple of days, but it’s amazing what happens when you throw people together. They just have to deal with it. It’s also important, as irritating as the characters can seem at the beginning of the movie, or hostile towards one another, you see that break down and so you’re willing to invest in the journey they’re going on with them.

You’re from the part of the world where if you drive for an hour and a half at a 100 miles an hour, you’re in Belgium. Is it fun, as somebody from Europe, embracing this really American genre of wide open vistas, flat highway, nothing but?

Yeah, absolutely. I think one of the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen was last year I flew into Charleston, West Virginia and it’s just the blue landscape and it is, it’s blue and it’s just kind of absolutely extraordinary and I love the diversity and how vast America is and being able to hop from place to place is kind of extraordinary. I just came from New York yesterday, and it was an hour and 20 minutes to Detroit. So, it’s great because I don’t know if I’d ever say, “Hey kids,” not that I have any kids, but “Let’s take a family vacation to Detroit,” you know. So, it’s good to see these places.

Need For Speed Movie Photo Car Race Helicopter 570x241 Imogen Poots Interview From The Set of Need For Speed

What do you think of the appeal to women is going to be?

I think, I mean, geee, I don’t know, guys. Let’s hope there is an appeal. I don’t think it’s going to be… It’s a testosterone environment we’re making this film in, for sure. There’s a lot of guys. There’s a lot of lifting and a lot of cars breaking down and getting put back together again and I think in terms of the women who, you never want to say, “Oh, they’re going to go for the romance,” because I don’t think women do that, but I think they’ll just go to see a fun movie. I don’t think there’s any divide whether you’re male or female. I’ve met the majority of men who get {9:35 – unclear} for cars whereas women are kind of like, meh.

Is it a sausage fest being on the set?

It’s funny. These guys are really, really gentle, like the camera crew. The manners are exquisite on the set. They really are. The crew is really something else, and I mean, you came on a day where there’s a sushi… It’s extraordinary in the sense of how you’re taken care of. I’ve never felt like, “Oh, I’m the only girl,” or anything like that.

What’s the one thing about the project that surprised you, during the making of it thus far, if there was anything that surprised you?

I think one thing that certainly surprised me was how if you really focus and you really listen, you’re able to take on a stunt and really do it yourself and feel great and feel excited, because I think some of the stunts you feel, “Oh, I’m going to be nervous the whole time and something is going to go wrong and it’ll never look authentic in the moment, because I’ll be thinking of too many things,” but once you conquer anything really, then you can run with it, and I think that surprised me in terms of things I was able to do, which probably to all of you guys, you’d be like, “What?? That’s nothing,” but there was one thing where I had to fall on my back off a not a very high height. The idea of falling on your back is kind of unnatural and you have moments where it’s kind of cool to have done that. I was flat on my back. That’s not the coolest thing in the world, but there were moments like that. I think too, I didn’t know what to expect apart from cars, and there have been a lot of cars, and I suppose I know about Mustangs more than I did. That surprised me.

Need For Speed Movie Mustang Shelby GT500 Side 570x380 Imogen Poots Interview From The Set of Need For Speed

If you could hypothetically a) know how to drive and b) take any car you’ve seen in the filming home, which vehicle would it be, if you could make it a dream auto lot?

I actually saw in Mendocino, a blue pickup truck that wasn’t part of our film in any way whatsoever. I would take that. I’d take the bicycle that one of our wonderful crew members bought. I’m really not into race cars in the sense of, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I really wouldn’t.

What it is about Scott Waugh’s style, that you think makes him such a good fit for a movie like this?

I think his old-school approach to stunt work and the way he commands and runs a set is fantastic and everybody listens to him. Everybody respects him and in an environment where you’re dealing with people’s safety, as well as every other thing that’s happening around you, I think that’s incredible to have that approach and I think he’s always thinking about the right things first, with priorities all in line, but really he loves this. He love this genre. He loves race cars. He knows exactly what he’s doing, so it’s a wonderful thing to watch.

Watch: ‘Need For Speed’ Movie Trailer

DreamWorks Pictures’ Need For Speed is directed by Scott Waugh and stars Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots, Ramon Rodriguez, Rami Malek, Scott Mescudi, Dakota Johnson, Harrison Gilbertson and Michael Keaton.

Need for Speed hits theaters on March 14, 2014.

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