Imogen Poots Joins Zoe Saldana in Comic Adaptation I Kill Giants

Imogen Poots -Need For Speed

In 2008 Deadpool and Daredevil writer Joe Kelly collaborated with artist J.M. Ken Niimura to create a limited edition comic book series. I Kill Giants is about a socially outcast girl who perpetually escapes the misery of everyday life by slipping into a complex world of fantasy, where she faces the threat of giants and it is her lonely responsibility to defeat them.

I Kill Giants has found acclaim in the years since its debut, winning both an International Manga award and a Gaiman award. The comic is currently set for a movie adaptation starring Zoe Saldana (Guardians Of The Galaxy) and Madison Wolfe (The Conjuring 2), and now another name has just been announced for the growing cast list: British actress Imogen Poots (Need For Speed).

Variety reports that Poots has been cast in an as-yet unknown role. She joins the film's biggest name, Saldana, who is playing a school psychologist called Ms. Molle, while Wolfe will star as the story's young protagonist, Barbara Thorson. The comic book's theme of a socially isolated child with an infinite capacity for imagination and giant battling powers could be appealing to a wide audience of fantasy fans and the family market, depending on the chosen tone.

I Kill Giants -excerpt

This adaptation is set to begin filming on September 27th, 2016 on location in Belgium and Ireland. Anders Walter (Helium) is on board to direct from a screenplay by Kelly and the film has various producers attached, including Chris Columbus, Umedia and XYZ Films. XYZ are currently shopping for distribution at the Toronto International Film Festival.

This project has the potential to be visually spectacular following the interchanging relationship between Barbara's two worlds of reality and fantasy, and characters that include pixies and giants. The success of fantasy genre films is often dependent on budget and the creative skill of the film's director, so until the project goes into development and marketing is released, it is impossible to tell how ambitiously the concept will be explored at this stage.

Aside from Saldana, the project is featuring lesser known actors and an undoubtedly talented, Oscar-winning director - albeit in his first feature-length film. At this point, faith in potential is what I Kill Giants is clearly building on, and time will tell whether Kelly's comic book fanbase will be impressed with the results.

We'll keep you updated on I Kill Giants as development continues.

Source: Variety

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