'I'm.Mortal' Gets A New Title & Cast Members

Writer/director Andrew Niccol first went with I'm.Mortal as the title for his new, thinking man's sci-fi project. Then the (admittedly, kind of goofy) name was abandoned. Now, it's seemingly being picked back up.

The official title for the new project from the Gattaca filmmaker is now... Now. Deadline is reporting that two more young faces in the form of Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four) and Matt Bomer (White Collar) are also now on-board to costar in... hmm, this is going to be tricky, isn't it?

Now revolves around a futuristic world in which the aging gene is shut off in a person when they reach the age of 25. Individuals must thereafter purchase units of time and are genetically engineered to die once they run out. Justin Timberlake plays the film's protagonist, a rebellious man who is falsely accused of murdering a wealthy individual and stealing his time. Amanda Seyfried also stars in the pic as a gorgeous rich girl who is taken hostage by Timberlake's character and must go on the run with him to avoid the authorities (whose ranks include an officer played by Cillian Murphy).

Pettyfer is reportedly being considered to play the lead in Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Killer and could appear in future I Am Number Four sequels if the first film adaptation is a hit. Bomer has worked primarily in television and his resume includes a recurring role on Chuck and the short-lived, Eliza Dushku-starring show Tru Calling. Their roles in Now have yet to be announced (see what we did there?), but both gentlemen look to be about the right age for the film.

[caption id="attachment_85097" align="aligncenter" width="566" caption="Seyfried and Timberlake on the set of 'Now'."][/caption]

Niccol's Gattaca examined a hypothetical future in which a new form of discrimination, one based on genetics, became the norm, while the scenario he examined in his screenplay for The Truman Show has become all the more resonant today, in the age of reality TV and Youtube. The premise behind Now bears more than a passing resemblance to Logan's Run, but Niccol's previous output is still reason enough to give his new project a look.

The cast of Now, which will also star Olivia Wilde as Timberlake's mother, features several up-and-coming thespians who have begun to demonstrate that they are more than just pretty faces - hopefully, this new sci-fi drama will be a step in the right direction for them as well.

Now is tentatively scheduled for a theatrical release in 2012.

Source: Deadline

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