Benedict Cumberbatch is Alan Turing in First Image from 'The Imitation Game'

'Star Trek Into Darkness'

Any way you look at it, Benedict Cumberbatch had a breakout year in 2013. The British actor – previously best known for supporting turns in Oscar bait like Atonement, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and War Horse and the BBC TV series Sherlock – earned global attention for his memorable role as the not-so-mysterious villain at the center of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness.

This year, Cumberbatch also appeared in current releases like The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug (providing the voice and motion-capture performances for two characters, including the eponymous dragon) and awards contender 12 Years a Slave. However, the actor has kept plenty busy with a bevy of new projects (including a potential turn to the Dark Side of the Force), but today we have our look at another of his upcoming projects.

Courtesy of Black Bear Pictures, we have the first image of Cumberbatch from director Morten Tyldum’s upcoming biopic The Imitation Game. In the film, Cumberbatch plays mathematician/cryptanalyst Alan Turing, who did code-cracking for the Allies back in World War II and is largely considered the father of modern computer science. Keira Knightley costars as Turing co-worker turned fiancée.

See the first still from the film below:

'The Imitation Game'

In the right hands, The Imitation Game could prove to be a gripping, insightful peek inside a pioneering mind. Certainly Cumberbatch possesses the skill to embody the cool intellect and intense focus necessary to bring a scientific-minded character like Turing to life onscreen, and the fact that the cast includes not only his Atonement costar Knightley but actors like Matthew Goode and Mark Strong is encouraging.

Furthermore, The Imitation Game shares part of the same production team as Best Picture Oscar winners The King’s Speech and Argo, meaning that Cumberbatch could have a winner on his hands (it’s worth noting that Leonardo DiCaprio once eyed the part).

Still, there’s always the oft chance that the Sherlock star could end up headlining a big-screen disaster. After all, just this year Cumberbatch played WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate, which was both a critical disappointment (read our review) and box office bomb. Nonetheless, given the pedigree involved in The Imitation Game, it has a solid chance at delivering a quality experience for moviegoers.

Do you think The Imitation Game sounds like a compelling film? What kinds of films would you like to see Cumberbatch take on next? Let us know in the comments section.


The Imitation Game does not yet have an official release date, though it will likely hit theaters in late 2014. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for details.

Source: Black Bear Pictures

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