IMDb Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

IMDb20 20th anniversary

Did you know that IMDb is going to be 20 years old this October? Man, do our favorite websites grow up fast...

In accordance with its 20-year anniversary, IMDb launched a very special anniversary project today, IMDb20,with the goal of bringing fans exclusive content about the history of of the Internet Movie Database and cinema in general.

That "exclusive content" will come in the form of 20 days of original video interviews with A-list stars and Hollywood players, leading up to October 17th, the official 20th anniversary date of IMDb's launch.

Kicking off the IMDb20 video interviews are Kevin Spacey and producer Dana Brunetti, the guys behind Trigger Street Productions and the upcoming film The Social Network, which is already making major waves in the 2010 Fall Movie Season.

You can check out the interview with Spacey and Brunetti by going HERE. If you want to no more about what to expect from the IMDb20 event, check out the official press release below:, Inc. (, the authoritative source of information on movies, TV and celebrities, and part of the, Inc. group of companies, today announced and launched IMDb20, the company’s 20-year anniversary campaign. Beginning today, IMDb will treat fans to an original video interview with a different A-list artist each day, culminating on Oct. 17, 2010, (the date of IMDb’s 20th anniversary). The goal of the online countdown and companion editorial section is to celebrate the films of the past 20 years.

“We are humbled by the fan and industry support we have received over the past 20 years,” said Col Needham, IMDb’s founder and CEO. “With our first-ever foray into original video content, we’re celebrating our collective love of film and bringing fans even closer to their favorite artists.”

“IMDb saved me an insane amount of time in my life,” said director Kevin Smith. “I think of every fight I ever got in with somebody who just didn’t have a crucial piece of movie information at their fingertips. I said one thing. They said another. Loggerheads. Relationships destroyed. IMDb comes along and just immediately solves that. It’s an insanely useful tool. I hit it everyday. It’s my homepage. Because that’s my stock-in-trade. That’s my currency. What I speak is movies.”

“I go to IMDb more than you should,” said Danny DeVito. “I go at least a couple of times a day. Sometimes many more than that. It’s because of the things I talk about with folks. I’m always dealing with actors, movies and what not. And I want to find out things about people and projects. It’s my go-to place to find out all kinds of information.”

Original Celebrity Content and Online CountdownParticipating celebrities sat down for an exclusive video interview with IMDb in which they discussed personal topics pertaining to film, including: Favorite films, performances and lines of movie dialogue; who makes them starstruck; roles they would have liked to play; and much more.

Each day, an exclusive celebrity interview will premiere on IMDb’s homepage and at

User-Generated List-Making Tool & Special Editorial SectionFans can tune in each day at <> to watch the IMDb Star of the Day video interview. Users will be invited to create their own Top 20 film lists via IMDb’s just-launched list-making tool. Fans can also conveniently share lists and the original celebrity video interview of the day on a variety of social networks.

IMDb’s expert editorial team has created a year-by-year retrospective featuring the following for each year that IMDb has been in operation: Box Office Returns; The Year in Movies; Trivia; Trailers, Top 20 Lists, Photo Galleries; Editorial Lists; Notable and Influential Films; Award-Winners; The Year in IMDb History; and In Memoriam.

To discover and share exclusive IMDb20 content and watch today’s Star of the Day interview, go to:

To all you guys and gals out there who like to throw your two cents into our many Screen Rant movie list rankings, now is your time to shine: be sure to take advantage of IMDb's new list-making tool and see what the masses think of your movie picks, for once! I know that I will personally be taking advantage of this year-by-year retrospective - it will save me a lot of work and "research" in my Screen Ranting endeavors :-) .

imdb top 250 movie list

As Danny DeVito and Kevin Smith said in that press release - true movie lovers have come to use IMDb as a primary tool in their movie discussions, debates, blogging and trivia. I couldn't imagine doing half of what I have to do in a day without the site - these days, I can't even imagine  having conversations around a bar or dinner table without IMDb and its vault of movie knowledge one handy application away on my mobile phone.

I'm a total IMDependent and from now until October 17th I'll be toasting 20 years of valuable service from a movie fan's best friend. After October 17th, I'll looking forward to another successful 20 years of IMDb to come - maybe even that IMDb movie we suggested awhile back (HINT)?

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