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First off, we want to let you know that the official Star Trek movie site has been updated to one of those fancy Flash websites. You can view both the trailers, get images, wallpapers and just geek out over the new Trek look of the site. Head over to to check it all out.

But... that's not what this post is all about. If nothing else, Star Trek fans are known for their rabid attention to detail when it comes all things tech and history of the Trek universe. I won't be addressing history, but I've pulled out some hi-res screen grabs from the trailer that will be of interest to Trekkies of all ages.

I've collected below images of ships, interiors and visual effects (enhanced and sharpened for better detail) that are near and dear to the hearts of any true Trekkie (I'm reveling in this, being a huge Trek geek myself, so don't go getting all offended). I'm sure there will be debate (argument) over what's below. :-)

Included are:

  • The venerable USS Enterprise NCC-1701 under construction (yes on Earth, not in orbit as we all know is where it was really constructed).
  • What looks to be either the new standard shuttlecraft for the Enterprise, or a larger transport version.
  • A brand new transporter effect for the first time in 20 years (all transporter effects in the movies and TV series starting with Star Trek: The Next Generation have been variations on the same basic look).
  • A brand new "Warp speed" (aka "jumping into subspace") effect. Personally I never liked the little starburst effect that's been used since ST:TNG.
  • A look at a couple of shuttlecraft that are similar in look to the familiar design from the original series.
  • A look at the shiny-bright new corriders of the Enterprise (this, I'm not too jazzed about - very "2001: A Space Odyssey").
  • A shot of the forward bridge, from the point of view of the Captain's chair (coming out of Warp).
  • A couple of detailed shots of the USS Kelvin, including a rear view that shows the shuttlebay door and clarifies that the seconday hull is above the saucer section and the propulsion unit is below (a hat tip to early starship concept designs from the original series).
  • Finally, a more iconic view of the new Enterprise.

Click on all of the images below to see hi-res versions of the images. Under each I give a description and an analysis by a Star Trek fan whose been a Trekkie since the early 1970s (that would be me) and whose favorite series of all is TOS (The Original Series).

Here's a pretty cool shot of the Enterprise under construction. Doesn't make sense that they would construct something so massive on the ground, but no dobut there is some sort of plot-related reason for it (beyond the dramatic pause of a young Kirk taking it in).

As a hardcore classic Star Trek fan, does this bother me? No.

From the registration number on the side of the shuttlecraft it's clear it belongs to the Enterprise (NCC-1701), but is this the new "standard" shuttlecraft or does the Enterprise have a variety of models (a la ST:TNG)?

Does it bother me? A twinge perhaps, but not enough to freak me out.

Here's the new transporter effect - kind of crazy looking and hard to really get a feel for in a static image, but I'm happy to see a new take on the effect.

Does it bother me? Nope.

This was long overdue - I never liked the "rubber band stretch to a pinpoint of light" version of going to Warp speed. This looks more like distortion of space.

Does it bother me? No, quite the opposite, I like it.

It looks like these are old-style shuttlecraft. I get the feeling that these belong to the USS Kelvin, and that ship is more akin to the original NCC-1701 and that the new Enterprise is more like the NCC-1701A.

Does it bother me? A bit - I'd like to see a bit more basic version of the original Enterprise, and despite the odd design the Kelvin reminds me a lot of the "flavor" of the original Enterprise.

Here's the a look at the new corridors of the Enterprise. They've gone with a stark white look that truly reminds me of the ship from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Does it bother me? Well, frankly, yes. Enough for me to feel "Trekkie outrage?" No, not that much. Look at what they did with the Batman reboot and that worked out pretty well. :-)

Although we have the white "iBridge" look, overall the stations are similar (albeit a lot more spacious) to the layout we've known on all iterations of the Enterprise.

Does it bother me? Once I get past the "white bridge" look, no. Although I still don't understand why they couldn't at least have matched the color scheme of the original bridge or come close to it.

The USS Kelvin. I'm not familiar enough with the history of starship registries to know if this was from canon, but I have to say that I like the nod to the original designs here.

Does it bother me? Nope, as a matter of fact I really like it.

Another look at the USS Kelvin. Check out the shuttlebay entrance in the top portion of the ship and the impulse engines.

Does it bother me? No, again, this is one of my more favorite details and seems very much a tribute to the orginal.

Here we have a front-on view of the new Enterprise. Suddenly it looks a hell of a lot more like it belongs in the Star Trek universe than it did in the previous image.

Does it bother me? This remains to be seen. I'm still pulling at the reins when it comes to the new ship, but I'm thinking that it probably looks great on screen. This is where they've taken the greatest liberties, but in the end if it all gels it will have been worth it I think.

So what do you think? Anathema to established Trek lore or logical updates to bring the franchise into the 21st century?

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