First Images of Rhodey & Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2

Yesterday, Screen Rant reported on the very first images of Scarlett Johansson in costume as the Black Widow for the upcoming Marvel Studios production of the sequel to Iron Man.

This was our first look at one of the new characters and faces added to the Iron Man franchise and Marvel Movie Universe.  Today, we can add two more with our first looks at the new James 'Rhodey' Rhodes played by Don Cheadle as well as Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer.

The images come from /Film and I edited the actual stills for you. They don't show too much but both seem to take place in a courtroom scene, likely over the issue of the government's ownership of the Iron Man technology. Take a look and see what you think:

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes & Justin Hammer (in background)

What fans really want to see is Rhodey in that other costume he wears. You know, the silver and black one littered in guns. I have a feeling we’ll get to see what the live-action War Machine armor looks like very soon.

I look forward to seeing Cheadle's performance as Rhodes and although I don't like actor changes during franchises, I think he's much better for the role than Terrence Howard.

Expect some big updates and revelations very soon as the entire cast of Iron Man 2 will be on a panel next Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con and we’ll be there to give you all the coverage.

Similar to how we first got to see Scarlett in costume, it started with some low quality images that popped up online and were quickly followed by some higher resolution official images. Expect the same for these characters and more from next week!

Iron Man 2 is directed by Jon Favreau and kicks off the start of next summer, opening May 7, 2010.

Source: /Film

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